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    The most ridiculous race/class combo

    From a "realism" POV. I know, WoW is a game and it can't be further from any kind of realism as it's right now. But still as it's a WORLD with some physics rules etc. And in that world live countless beings that are, lets say "weird".

    For me the most ridiculous would be:
    - Gnome Warrior (Goblin too, applies to DKs as well). Just imagine tiny warrior tank at size of a can vs Tauren. Gnome would be as big as Tauren's hoof. One stomp and we have Gnome Panzer Pancake.
    - Troll Mage, especially Arcane. This is somewhat personal but I think that Trolls (as a race) are simply too dumb to understand arcane magic. And to use it. Trolls are good warriors, huntres and shamans (magic, yes. But it comes from deep connection with nature so they can master it).
    - Undead Priest. Holy. Nuff said. Ok, for those who don't get it. Holy Priests work on Holy magic which is The Light. Forsaken are directly opposite to The Light. So anytime they would even try to use holy magic it would harm them every time.
    - Tauren Paladin. Holy Cow :P Ok, be serious. Warriors - ok. Hunters - fine. Shamans - even better. Druid - of course. Paladin? No wai. Tho Taurens understand the concept of The Light (priests) it's nearly impossible for one to become a paladin. Paladin is a holy warrior, protector of just cause. Product of a highly formalized organization which The Church of The Light is. Taurens are tribal, worship Mother Earth so strict belief in The Light is in conflict with their tribal nature.
    - Dwarf Shaman. Maybe a bit stereotypical but Dwarves and shamanism? It doesn't sound right. Dwarves are pragmatic, hard stomping on earth. Any trustworthy thing is a big hammer to swing not some fancy arm flapping with sparkles.

    And final thing - scale. I know that certain things should be big but we come to that limit that a bunch of heroes strike a giant's toe for 15 minutes and then giant falls dead. With some minor exceptions I'd like to see bosses no bigger than 2x the biggest character currently is. But it's a bit OT.

    So what do you think? Any voices? Share your story.


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    I don't see what's wrong with Troll mages. Trolls in Warccraft were never dumb.

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    Like I noted there - personal opinion. For *me* Trolls are too stupid to handle magic. Other than nature.

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    Trolls just appear to be stoned all the time, which would be incoherent with something that requires as much dedication as arcane magic.

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    I agree with gnome/goblin warriors and dk, more then any other class these classes rely on strength, mass=strength so if a goblin would strike an orc the orc would win through just by putting his weigth in the blow, dunno if that made sense. I agree on undead priests aswell, the light would incinerate them, these class/race combos are here for obvious gameplay reasons I guess though.

    As for tauren paladin, well actually tauren paladins do not exist. They are sunwalkers and do not make use of the light, they use the same power the druids use to cast wrath for example. So in a way I do think blizzard did a decent job adding lore for this tbh. Same for priests, maybe they should change tauren druid heals to have a more yellow sun like glow aswell to make this more clear, dunno.

    As for dwarf shaman, didn't really read up on the lore behind this, in a way it makes sense since they were made from earth? I could be wrong though. Like I said dwarf lore doesn't interest me that much so I didn't read up on it yet. xD

    Oh and as for troll mages, if ogres can be mages so can trolls. Calling trolls stupid is too much of a generalisation tbh, its like calling all humans stupid. There are some exceptions!

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    If I recall, the Tauren Pallys draw the power from the Sun, and hence the Sunwalkers.

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    Arent Tauren Paladins called Sunwalkers because they use the suns powers just like Night Elves use the moons powers? its nothing to do with the church of the light and I could swear there was a dialogue in game about the lore of Tauren paladins.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RadmaKanow View Post
    Like I noted there - personal opinion. For *me* Trolls are too stupid to handle magic. Other than nature.
    Isn´t controling nature a kind of magic too ?

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    There's a whole clan of dwarven shamans you might have come across in the Aerie Peak region of the eastern kingdoms - they are called the Wildhammer, and it is their joining forces with Ironforge that propagates shamanism for Bronzebeard dwarves in Cataclysm.

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    Draenei Warlock. They don't exist yet, they might be ridiculous, but Lord knows I wouldn't give a damn if it meant being one step closer to a badass Eredar

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    MMOs must be playable for many people at the same time - hence the big size of the bosses. Without this their hitbox would be so small, that it'd be hard to select/hit it (especially in 25man raid)
    MMOs should be balanced between classes (as much as it's possible).. So adding new classes is always a big deal, and certain simplifications must be made. Hence Blood Knights, Paladins and Sunwalkers sharing mechanics - though each of them have different lore, and from RP point of view they are different "classes". Same with Undead priests (or priests in general). It's just a game mechanics..

    If WoW was single player RPG - we'd have way more classes, like said Sunwalkers, Shadow Priests, Holy Priests etc.. But balancing (and ensuring differences) between so many classes in MMO would be nightmare.. It already is and Blizz stated in their watercooler that having so many specs per class already makes problems..

    Your problem is that you take game mechanics, add generalization and conclude based on those.. When you think "Paladin" you see a "Human Paladin", which neither Blood Knights, nor Sunwalkers fit lorewise.. Same with all other class/race combos you've presented..
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    Dwarf rogue feels weird to me. They're fairly rare as dwarves as a whole are an unpopular race, but on that rare occasion I spy one creeping around in a bg it just gives me the creeps. Something about the idea of a short bearded dorf leaping out at me from the shadows just... ugh. The only thing creepier is if they were also clowns. Oh. Dear. Gawd.

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    Tauren paladins/priests. Dreanie Warlocks.
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    Tauren Priests and Paladins, would be the same if nightelfs got paladins.
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    Most ridiculous non-existant class combination for me would be Tauren Mages. Taurens hate arcane, but it's more the fact that Mage tier sets just couldn't suit them:

    And not to bash on Taurens, but I'd be interested to see how Tauren Monks are going work, all that agile jumping and rolling around doing, thwacking enemies with their huge fists... And Undead Monks, what are they going to use - their claws? How are they going to find their inner peace again?

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    night elf mage - I still haven't understood why they were reaccepted into night elves society. If I was Tyrande, of course I wouldn't want them to go to enemy, but I wouldn't want them myself either, so I'd just ship them to Stormwind.

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    With regards to gnome/gobo warriors I also agree seem silly but the comments that they would die to a single hoof or axe swing I think is wrong think how hard it would be to actuly hit those little things and im not even taking into account how the weight of some of the warcraft weapons would have people out of breath after a single swing.
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    Pandaren Monks...

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