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    This is what you should do:
    1. Don´t lissten to the nubs sitting around mmo telling u to get friends and stop being such a no lifer.
    2. Does you school matter at al yet? in sweden atleast u can just sit around for about 10 years until what u do actually have a serious impact on the rest of your life
    3. Parental control... It is actually quite a good way because it will dissconnect u from the game after a special amount of played time.
    4. Start playing an instrument or sport or w/e it´s fun its good for your body (sports) and good for your brain (music) and u meet new ppl.
    5. self disciplin is important u have to tell yourself that u have played enough! dunno how to train this though...
    6. follow all above and you might find yourself in a better situation : D

    Just remember quitting is not an option if you enjoy the game just take everything in moderation, even world of warcraft!

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    Set parental controls and use gibberish for the password.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lucaya View Post
    Buy SW:TOR
    He wants to quit WoW, not lose all faith in humanity

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    Keeeeeeep playiiiiiiiing!
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    Much like others have said, just go cold turkey and quit Wow. Since it seems to have caused you to fail your studies, you should definitely quit.

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    Try uninstall it, make it as hard as possible for you to start again.
    And / or change your password without looking!

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    Lordy, you all know you got trolled by this guy. right?

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    For one...i don't know how the hell you could still be addicted after the dragon soul got boring after a couple months...the game overall is far less addicting than it used to be...because it's been streamlined for casuals, and all of the things that used to be fun have been sucked out to make the game faster and easier.

    Just step back and look at the game you're playing from a new perspective and you'll realize how stupid it is. Stop trying to gear up your character so much...all of your gear will be replaced and those hours of hard work will be wasted. Just play casually doing something fun every a couple bg's and a dungeon per day (if you enjoy 5 man dungeons).

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    Lmao how can you be addicted to such a shitty ass game? Back in BC it was addicting, even in wotlk it was, but now its fucking terrible. God knows how you could play for more then an hour outside of raids

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    You should do what you like. If you like playing wow, do it.

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    uninstall and cancel subscrition
    the game sucks anyway

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