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    Who wins? Batman vs Dr. Doom!

    Inspired by the fantastic Superman vs Son Goku thread, I bring you another classic cross-over comic contest: Batman (DC) vs Doctor Doom (Marvel).

    Now, unlike the hypothetical battle between the two nigh-unkillable superpowers, this contest could come down to a battle of wits. Both opponents are basically human, mortal, with certain strengths and weaknesses. Both have genius-level minds, an intimate knowledge of gadgetry, strategy, and finding their opponents' weaknesses. Both are aided or augmented by technology. Doctor Doom has the added benefit of magic. With enough prep time could Batman figure out a way to overcome this deficit? Or would the Lord of Latveria be able to out-maneuver, out-plan, and outwit the Dark Knight? You decide!

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    Magic > Science.

    Doom wins, with very little effort.
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    Dr. Doom is an easy victor.

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    As much as I love Batman, magic is just overpowered.

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    With prep time batman will beat ANYONE ! as proven by all plot devices batman will win with prep time as proven time and time again, without prep on the other hand doom has it in the bag.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skelington View Post
    Dr. Doom is an easy victor.
    What you did there, I see it!

    Doom has given me way too many close comebacks, he is the clear winner.

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    Dr.Doom easily, he has magic aha

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    More seriously, Batman really does win this fight, but more because he has a very strange, and admittedly broken 'superpower': Paranoia
    I don't recall whether it was from a comic issue or if it actually ended up in the animated series, but I distinctly remember Batman having a vault full of crap with which he could use to beat EACH AND EVERY MEMBER OF THE JUSTICE LEAGUE

    My favorite was the Green Lantern ring that makes you go blind when you try and use it.

    Doom's weakness is the fact that he has an actual superpower. If Batman knows about it, then Batman knows a way to beat it.
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    PFT easy, Batman would find a way to win. In fact Batman could also kick Goku and Superman's asses too.

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    Yeah, the only person you will trust the most is Batman.

    Batman know everyone's weakness even Superman know that Batman can or could kill him.

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    I'm gonna mostly stay out of this one. One question though, is this matchup assuming that Batman doesn't go and grab a Green Lantern or Sinestro ring? Both groups have a standing offer that he can join at any time, and he has experience using a Green Lantern ring.

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    It would depend though. IF Doom catches Batman by surprise, ie Batman doesn't know Victor's out for a scrap with him, then I can see Doom easily forcing Batman into a retreat, or even a capture.

    If Batman gets to prepare, and there's the main thing with Batman in most any situation, who's to say he won't get a little help from Professor Fate or Zattana to even the odds. He even beat Faust once with the help of the Atom. That's pure science vs pure magic.

    And in the earlier, I think it'd be Dooms fight at first, after which Batman'll be able to turn the tables. Doom is much to easily manipulated into going off of the deep end. Doom's ego makes him unstable, no matter how smart he may be. And Batman -though not mentally healthy by far- is much more reliable.

    That's just my two cents.

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    Combination of magic and science. Definitely Dr. Doom.

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    Its a crossover so assume its their first meeting. Batman has alot of peoples weaknesses at hand but he wouldn't have Dooms. He'd have to start from scratch.

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    though i would go for dr.doom batman really does his reseach on his villains it would coe down to who is smarter. were talking DCs worlds greatest detective agianst 1 of marvels smartest villans. but if batman can deal with lex luthor/brainiac then imma go with batman.
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    Superman himself has said that Batman is literally the most dangerous person in the universe if he has time to prep. Give batman a day and some details on how Doom fights and Batman would win. However, if they just ran into each other on the street and started brawling, Doom would probably win.

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    Have to say Batman.

    Dr. Doom may have magic, but Batman has been known to beat villains with magic time and time again.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Laurcus View Post
    I'm gonna mostly stay out of this one. One question though, is this matchup assuming that Batman doesn't go and grab a Green Lantern or Sinestro ring? Both groups have a standing offer that he can join at any time, and he has experience using a Green Lantern ring.
    Batman with a green lantern ring would probably be capable of raping the shit out of anyone short of Dr. Manhattan lol.

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    Batman would beat doom in 1v1. The only weakness batman has is he doesn't kill. He keeps defeating doom untill doom kills him.

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