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    Mastery Gear Before Pull??

    IS the mastery gear pull good only for fury and whats the benefit for it ?

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    I've not heard of this, but i'd just assume that it would up death wish damage bonus if used before a pull with a switch back to normal gear?

    That's about all i can think of, nothing for arms at all
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    The Fury talent Death Wish scales off the Fury mastery Unshackled Fury.

    A second or two prior to entering combat you wear a mastery heavy setup of gear, use an empowered Death Wish, then swap back to your regular gear and unleash hell.

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    use for arms: 0

    use for fury: ridiculously strong deathwish at the beginning due to the higher mastery. Value increases with shorter fights (obviously)

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    It's only worth it if you have Moonwell Chalice & an alternative FULL MASTERY GEM'D FORGED set of gear. If you don't, it probably won't be worth it.

    I personally use my prot set with Chalice, since my prot set is mastery stacked.
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