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    Single Target Fury DPS HC Bone Link Fetish vs Normal Creche

    I have been doing HC Ultra attempts yesterday and it got me thinking. I have HC Bone Link, Normal Creche, and Normal Eye. Am I wrong for thinking that the static str from the Bone Link makes the best combo for me on a single target fight (i.e. Ultra) HC Bone Link + Normal Eye?

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    With your trinkets I'd actually use Creche and Bone-Link, not Bone-Link and Eye.
    As we gain more strength on gear the value of crit and str gets closer together, because of this normal creche is better than normal eye.
    The actual discussion is Bone-Link or Eye and here one needs to be aware that Bone-Link is severely undervalued in SimC because of
    a modeling bug that I reported but has yet to be fixed as far as I am aware.

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