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    Social Networking Project

    Hey guys. So for one of my classes this semester we are required to come up with a goofy charity and create a page on some sort of social networking website such as twitter, facebook, change etc. My teacher gave us unrealistic expectations of "likes" or "follows" in a week. (10,000). We were allowed to work in small groups and i'm sure that all 3 of us combined aren't even close to knowing 10k people. Soooo, I thought I'd reach out to the mmo-champ / WoW community for a little help. I'd be grateful if you guys would take as second to like the page. Remember this isn't an official cause, its just a funny idea for a cause that we were required to come up with. For our group we came up with "Dougie: Battling Obesity in America". For those of you who do not know what the dougie is..there are plenty of videos showing what it is. Thanks in advance!
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