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    Heroic Ultraxion (25m) for Warriors

    So my guild is starting attempts on 25m Heroic Ultraxion tomorrow night, I'm wondering if any of you fellow Warriors could offer any tips on how to keep DPS at the required level, or any tips or tricks I should be using when it comes to it?

    I'm a seasoned Warrior and have been for nearly two years, so I don't think I'll have too much trouble maintaining damage at an acceptable level. But obviously any information regarding correct use of cooldowns to maintain high DPS output would be invaluable.

    Thanks in advance!

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    start by fixing your expertise and hit caps so there are no wasted stats.

    the following will put you at exactly 8% hit and 26.01 expertise:

    head : no reforge
    neck: no reforge
    shoulders: no reforge
    cloak: no reforge
    chest: mastery to crit
    bracers: exp to mastery
    hands: no reforge
    belt: haste to crit
    legs: hit to crit
    boots: haste to exp
    ring 1 twilight claw: mastery to crit
    ring 2 VP: mastery to hit
    thrown: exp to mastery

    ^^ courtesy of wowreforge.com

    respec to 3/3 incite for ultraxion since blood & thunder obviously isn't needed.

    use cooldowns asap to maximize their use throughout the fight (to use recklessness twice you will need to use it early)

    if you use recklessness early and then the raid wipes and you get back fast....you may want to ask the people in charge to wait for your CD if Ultaxion is the progression boss your guild is working on. This has happened to me before, but since it's on farm no one waits....so my dps is in the shitter (not the shitter but not a great parse if you know what I mean :P)

    It's very important to recklessness twice on this fight as it will come off cooldown for the execute/ 2nd str potion phase and this will spike up your dps...

    I'm assuming you know how to properly dps as arms....stay in berserker stance except for overpower etc etc etc

    the biggest thing on ultraxion is probably just using heroic will at the right time, don't use it too early as it will be a dps loss, try to time it to the last second whenever you need to use it.

    This is a high rage encounter, tons of incoming damage, don't be afraid to heroic strike and remember to utilize the extra rage that berserker rage provides when taking damage.

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    Appreciate the feedback, especially for the reforges too I'd been trying to work them out today since picking up new gear last night, logged out with them still screwy.

    I'll make sure to utilize the advice on cooldowns and push Heroic Will as close as I dare take it, no doubt we'll have plenty of attempts to get it right!

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    You can stand back at the beginning of the fight and charge. Do it. Also, you should use Heroic Leap on CD to increase DPS.

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    If you're using big wigs or DBM, activate the vocal countdown for Fading Light and click your button right around the time you hear "1". You'll get phased out at the around the last possible moment your debuff goes away.

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    Quite important: Does your raid stack near the 2nd line on the floor so your gurthalak is able to procc?

    Most common mistake I've noticed so far.

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    Also remember you should only use HL when CS is on your target. Use it on CD obviously, but make sure CS is on there. It lines up nicely unless you forget about it with every other CS.

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