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    [A] Fashionably Late @ Grim Batol 3/8 HC 10-man Late Night raiding guild

    The Guild:
    Fashionably Late on Grim Batol, Alliance, is a late night, casual raiding guild. Fashionably Late was formed in late 2009 and have always had the same motly crew at the heart of the guild. We like to maintin this stable raiding core as best we can, and don't wish any guild hoppers. Enjoying the raid is more important than progress to us so we have a laidback attitude towards raiding, so we progress in our own pace.


    Other classes might be considered

    Raid Times:
    Wednesday: 23:00-02:00
    Thursday: 23:00-02:00
    Sunday: 23:00-02:00

    Tier 11: 4/12 HC
    Tier 12: 6/7 HC
    Tier 13 3/8 HC

    Contact us on
    or feel free to contact any member online.
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    Filled some spots and btw, bump

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