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    Aman'thul [A] Sigil [10m] GMT+8 (Singapore) 3/8H Recruiting for H DS Progression

    Current progress:
    3/8H DS (8/8N)
    6/7H FL (7/7N)

    Currently looking for a good DPS (prefer rogue, DK or boomkin) for DS progression.

    Sigil is a small, GMT+8, 10-man raiding guild on Alliance Aman'thul dedicated to completing end-game content while maintaining a 9-hour a week raiding schedule.

    Most of our members are based in Singapore, but we also have a few from Malaysia and Australia.

    As the majority of us are working adults with various real life commitments, we know that RL comes before WoW, but we also believe in giving 100% when we do play - that means the correct add-ons, vent, flasks, pots, correct spec, gems, enchants and knowing the fight beforehand.

    Our loot system is a simple main spec random roll, with core raiders rolling before trial raiders and casuals.

    Raid times: 9pm - 12mn Singapore time

    We do not recruit for the bench, so if you join us and make the team, you will be an integral part of a small, close-knit, raid team all working towards the same goal. If that sounds good and you're interested in joining us, please view our guild policies and apply at www dot sigil-guild dot enjin dot com.
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