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    What will developers need?

    How are Guild Wars 2 Beta Event testers selected?
    This is determined by our development team and will differ from event to event.
    Since the beta sign up is up and running and is about to close down, lets discuss what you think developers need and why do you think you might get in beta.

    I personally hope that my gfx will get me in. In press beta it became obvious that engine was still not fully optimized and there seemed to be a problem with the PCs who had high end gfx, where as lower end were better (this is not every pc, but general trend). I have gtx570 so I am hoping they will include me for that reason as I read few times people with that graphics cards were experiencing fps drops.

    What else do you think they would test/have need for?
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    They'll probably invite many low end PC users to get an idea on what the minimum system requirements will be. Or perhaps they will invite nearly all the people who signed up for a big event to maybe stress test their servers or test their innovative queue server. No one really knows what invites will be based on other than ArenaNet themselves.
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    I don't think they'll "need" anything. It's more of a want basis, imo. Over all, I believe there will be a nice mix of everything.

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    It might not mean anything, but I'm hoping that having an AMD quad core with an AMD gpu helps me out.

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    They'll need a diverse selection of systems in all ranges, from the lowest end toaster ovens, to the nuclear-powered ultramachines. They'll need people with CPUs both Intel and AMD, they'll need laptops, they'll need graphics cards of all shapes and sizes.

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    I'm assuming they will try to get people of as many different specs as possible. Going to push the minimal requirements, as well as optimize the game, for specs of all kinds, whether crappy or godly.

    So basically, the more players with specs similar to yours, the less of a chance I assume you'll have to get in.

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    They're picking whatever they have been discussing about, that we don't know. Either it be super computers, half good computers, bad computers, PvE players only, PvP players only, both PvP and PvE players, players who have only played FPS games, players who have only played RP games, and so on, it's a lot of things they are thinking about, and talking about that we don't know, that they are going to take in

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    Quote Originally Posted by grandpab View Post
    It might not mean anything, but I'm hoping that having an AMD quad core with an AMD gpu helps me out.
    True that. I'd say they'll want more of either AMD or intel CPU's and GPU's depending on which has more performance issues. If the watercooler gossip from the press beta is anything to go by then at the moment that would be AMD.

    The most demanding part of the game would be the big WvWvW battles. They are going to want as much info on how lower end machines and laptops handle the big clusterfucks to get an idea on how well the optimisation is going and if those big battles would be a problem for low end machines.
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    No idea. I personally don't think I'm gonna get selected, my setup isn't uber but it's not bad either so they don't need me.

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    My amazing computer (with a new graphics card) lets me play games on high or ultra settings with 50-60 constant FPS. When many, many people are involved (25man raids in WoW, for example), I need to tone it down to high or "fine" graphics, else I suffer too much of an FPS drop. Because of this, I hope that they will choose me to see how their higher settings do. However, as far as I am aware, they closed off the higher graphic settings for Beta for some reason.

    I am also signing up with an old desktop PC that my parents own, along with a laptop that makes even Minecraft lag (it can still play games, they just run like crap on them). Because of THESE, I hope Arenanet considers these computers for seeing if their game can run on not-so-amazing hardware.

    Now I wait for an email, or lack of an email. In the case of the former, I will probably be ecstatic, yet sad I can't tell how awesome the beta is (or even if I got in) because of the NDA. For the latter, I will cry myself to sleep that night and complain a lot.

    TL;DR: I'm hoping they test for really high end and low end machines to see how well their game preforms on... Er, "crappier" computers; whilst they also need higher-end tech to see how much their graphics can be taken up without taking TOO many resources.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Herecius View Post
    They'll need a diverse selection of systems in all ranges, from the lowest end toaster ovens, to the nuclear-powered ultramachines. They'll need people with CPUs both Intel and AMD, they'll need laptops, they'll need graphics cards of all shapes and sizes.

    ANet is likely planning to try and make the game optimized for as much as they possibly can before the game is launched.
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    I'm hoping they invite people with high end systems, since i spent $900 on a 2700k, 16gig ram, SSD, Asrock Ext4Gen3 to go with my GTX580 >.> I need something to really test my system out.

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    I hope they need people over 35.

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    if they lookin at CPU il prolly get in bcuz nobody has a q8200

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    A laptop with AMD quad core and AMD GPU seems like it should help me out, kind of 3 minority groups in one with my current gaming machine
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    They need people very very far away from their servers in Seattle with poor computers >.>

    Rly, a range depending on what their testing in any given event. But for WvWvW...lets hope all the people's!

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    Isn't that just a onboard video card that all laptops come with that are not built around gaming? sorry don't mean to sound dickish just wondering

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    Let's hope my intergrated graphics can benefit me for once! (Don't mind the signature.)

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    I feel they will need........the need for speed.

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    I'm thinking either 1 of two ways:

    1. Random. The specs and play style you gave them will just allow them to see how a certain player performs on a certain machine.


    2. Using the specs and play style given, they will be able to cast a VERY wide net on a player base. While I'm not saying GW2 will be anywhere near a measurable balance of high end PC users VS low end PC users and PvE'rs and PvP'rs. But even with this, I imagine they'll sort all the aps by type (PvE, PvP, combination of both etc) and from THAT sorting they'll make a random selection.
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