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    What do you expect from us, exactly?

    Edit: Drop glyph of barrier and get Shadow Word: Death or Renew.

    2nd edit: Dont gem pure resilience, its a waste. I'm currently running with 3.1k resi and 14% haste and I'm doing very well. Except when I face melee cleaves, but that's mostly a peeling issue.
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    just any type of feedback regarding gear spec gems and reforges.

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    Additionally, your second specc looks good. You can also try without Inspiration and go for Shadowfiend if you're having long games. I see that you're trying to keep a healthy amount of Mastery. From my personal experience, you need alot of Mastery to really notice a difference. You could better reforge it into Crit cuz there's not much else to choose from. Unless you wanna go for alot of Haste. But prepare to sacrifice Resilience for that.

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    reforge all spirit to haste

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    Don't reforge to mastery.. either go for spirit or haste (depending on playstyle/arena setup)

    I don't think u are hit capped. You don't want to miss fear in arenas.

    I don't understand your specs.. Seems like non of them are pve specs, there are some errors then.

    For pvp purposes:
    Always have strength of soul
    Always have desperate prayer
    Always have focused will
    Never have inspiration
    If arena, Train of Thought is a wasted talent above 1200 rating

    Divine Fury > Renew

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