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    Quote Originally Posted by Sinn View Post
    Can't pop wings without flaying..
    And he forgot the fact that you'll want to pop wings before his fiend. Guess he's doing it pretty wrong :/
    Would to be able to use wings with a full bonus without stacsk though, would be awesome in pvp <3

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    get moar gear and use your abilites to hurt the elite mobs

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    Quote Originally Posted by gaymer77 View Post
    With t13 there is no need to flay for 5 stacks
    There is a huge reason you flay to 5 stacks to start,....shadow priests need to pop AA at max stacks to take advantage of the shadowfiend giving us 3 orb mindblasts. Sorry but you couldn't be anymore wrong here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gaymer77 View Post
    With t13 there is no need to flay for 5 stacks because the second your fiend does dmg you get 3 orbs. Just fiend, pop wings, spike/blast and dot when your wings run out. Flay is only good to put up dots and the buff will run out before your wings do anyway.
    You flay in order to get the 5 Evangelims stacks so you can cast Dark Archangel and boost your MB, MS and MF while your SF is active, and not to get the ES buff. So if you don't stack Evangelism you can't cast wings.

    Edit: Sry, I didn't realize that some people had already answered gaymer77.

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    Best openers:

    Without 4 set t13:

    prepot: VP (because you can precast it when pull countdown at 1), SW:P, DP, SFiend, MF3, MF2, AA, MB, MF,MF and so on, can also do fiend after the MF2, if preffered.

    If bloodlust gets popped right at the start i open with: VP, Fiend, SW;P,DP.... so the fiend gets bloodlust/tw/heroism

    With 4 set t13:

    MB,MF3,MF2, AA, Fiend (if you have 2+ orbs before fiend: mindspike first), MSp, MSp,MB (with cancelaura macro), MS till MB rdy, when fiend runs out usually you will end up with 2x mindspike debuff on boss, just try to get 3 orbs and enjoy another free mind blast crit.
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