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    Obviously fake, but super interesting. I bookmarked it.

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    The guy says he's from the future, sure sounds legit.
    Nevertheless, it's a funny read.

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    The level of total crap that this is is funny....but it was very entertaining read....what will do it for if "titan" gets announced as as shadowcraft or whatever he said it'd be called then i completely agree with everything he says being that he's a blizzard employee and obviously pretending he's from the future to give out info etc.

    2013 announcement of it makes sense...2 years release yea i'd believe that but blizzard employee pretending to be from the future as the joke way of getting info out would all boil down to if "titan" is called shadowcraft.
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    Well, it's an interesting post, yes. Fake. But interesting.

    Some ideas on there are from other areas. Some ideas are actually very cool sounding. Like a space pirate ship that Turalyon and Alleria are on. But I don't think there would be enough actual lore/motivation for most of his supposed playable races and expansions.

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    Seems legit. I believe it all.

    Nah, but pretty interesting. Might have to bookmark it for later monitoring...

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    I suppose the read is decent, but just too inconsistent. He constantly uses "but I stopped playing then" for justification of his lack of answers, but other times will point out playing with a certain feature.

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    Very interesting read, won't be too long before we know if something he said is not true. And he won't be able to use the "fromthefuture" if MoP gets pushed back into 2013. I think a lot of his predictions will be true.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Folexnn View Post

    it's hard to think it's not legit.
    No its not.

    This your first day on the internet? These kind of clowns pop up all the time. It's just some loregeek with too much time on his hands.

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    The guy speaks such crap...

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    I want everything coming like he predicts

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    I read through both his wow forum and the gaming in general forum, and i just lol'd the whole time. It was a great read, and worth my time. Lets just hope that it's not real, and that the world doesn't end as soon as he's saying.

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