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    Cant decide...

    After watching Mike B play an entire dungeon as a necromancer I cant decide if I want to be a necro or a warrior. It just seemed like as a necromancer in the video that a necro is just a wand spamming class only able to do cool moves in deathshround form. I have always played a melee class first in all other MMOs I have played (alot of them) and am always somewhat bummed about the huge disadvantage they have usually in pvp when the game is being balanced.

    Thoughts on what I should roll with?

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    Necro's are going to be pretty ridiculous. There's plenty of abilities they have that are pretty awesome and more than just wand spamming. They also have their death shroud form and Lich form. In pvp they're going to be really tough to kill, probably one of the toughest overall of any profession. You can summon a legion of pets and they have some pretty good support as well.

    To be honest I don't think you can go wrong with whatever you choose. Every class is unique and they all look fun to play in their own right. Just boils down to whatever your preference is. The nice thing about this game is you can take your level 1 to the training grounds for pvp and get to play around with every ability to get a feel for it. Then do some pvp and see if it's something you like.

    For me it's way too early to tell, I love variety so I'm going to use my time once/if I get into beta to try them all and then make a decision.

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    Heh, these are the 2 classes that I have completely planned out and know that I'm going to play as my more main characters.

    My warrior will be a female human that was blessed by Balthazhar (obviously). She uses greatswords, and longbows for most things and dual swords for when it's strictly a single target fight.

    My necromancer will be a male char that is in the ash legion. He uses a staff for the awesome scythe spell and ranged and dual daggers for the self heals and melee, and he will also use all minion utility skills that will hopefully be viable for a minion master type build.

    And I'm sure you really wanted to know all of this...

    Anyway, for what you should play, I think you should decide you want a lot of armor, high health, big weapons, shout utility skills, and over all in your face type combat or do you want to have a lot of dots, curses, debuffing/buffing, and sinister/evil combat. Either way I don't think you can go wrong and if you can't decide you can always play both. GW2 is looking like a very alt friendly game.

    Also 99% of the game play footage from this beta was terrible and no where near an accurate representation of what it will be like when the true players get their hands on it. I dare say it will look like a brand new game, so don't base your decision on that stuff. And i say 99% because I did happen to see 1 good warrior video.

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    I am in the same boat, watched Necro and Ele game play. Both look awesome. Im not going to do much if any PVP. I love playing casters tho hmmm

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    Try both out and decide after, you can pvp instantly on a char anyway with all spells so =)

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    Currently we're swarmed with Class Topics, rather ask your questions there.

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