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    Unhappy mastery

    just want to know is there a hit cap for arcane mage and i stack crit but my dps is low

    i have a big burst at the start of every fight but i cant keep up the dps i will start out doing over 35k dps but drop back down to 25 to 27k idk if it's because i stack crit or what .also i have the full ter 13 set 397

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    Im pretty sure mastery never becomes useless for arcane I could be wrong though.

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    idk about now, but in 4.2 Hit cap first obviously then mastery. I think crit is the next best besides mastery i dont think haste really helps, i feel you would go over your GCD if you get to much of it.

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    Not sure what you mean by "hit cap" for mastery, but there is no cap for mastery. The reason as to why you have low dps is probably not because you stack crit. I would suggest posting your armory as well as logs from WoL if you have any.

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    Intellect > Hit to 1742, > haste to soft cap, > mastery, > crit, > haste. > hit
    What this basically means to mastery is if an item has mastery and haste/hit on it, and you have hit the soft haste and hitcap, the haste/hit should be reforged to crit.

    Find out how much haste you need under section 5.3.2:

    A good idea is to use these values on

    In my case being goblin and having the second t13 setbonus:
    Hit = 1742
    Haste = 1124 (or as close as possible but not under) Different values for the rest, look up the table in the guide i linked
    Wowreforge will now reforge whatever else it can to mastery.

    I doubt theres a masterycap as the statweight only tells you that if you cant reforge anything else to mastery haste or hit, you should go for crit.
    Do not stack crit, if anything stack mastery. So if you need an orange gem get the one with int/mastery on it.

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    Get 1268 haste (+500) to get 1sec AB under BL

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