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    Snacks you remember having as a kid?

    Think back a few years and try to remember some snacks you had as a kid, but haven't had in a long time (or at the very least, one year or longer).

    I have a few. The one I remember the most, and it's very much still around today, is Fruit by the Foot. I remember around the 4th or 5th grade and having my parents first introduce me to theses wonderful gifts from God... but for some reason, after a few months, they just stopped picking them up from the store. It wasn't until about 2ish years ago that I had one again, mind you I'm now a college graduate so it's definitely been a long time since i've had one of these.

    Another that comes to mind is Gushers. Bugles are another one that comes to thought... I picked up a bag of those for the first time in about 11 years.

    What about everyone else? Can anyone think of some snacks that you haven't had in years?

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    nutty bars

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    Dunkaroos so good

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    3D Doritos, I loved them so much and was so sad when they stopped making them.

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    Kinder milk slice.. god dammit where did they go...

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    Koala Yummies! Loved these things! Thank god I found them at Meijer's!

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    mothers animal cookies.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mitsumata View Post
    Dunkaroos so good
    this. saw some in walmart the other day and was so tempted to buy them

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    Grilled small dace and ablet fish I used to catch in a nearby lake when staying at grandparents house during summers. Man, those were good. Crispy, almost sweet, can't even describe how delicious they were.

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    Not an edible snack but a beverage I don't remember the name of. It was kind of like a middle thing between soda and mineral water. It was not carbonized and had no sugar, but it was the second best peach beverage I've ever had. Right after NesTea peach. Which they haven't sold here in several years either, by the way
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    One of many tasty memories.

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    Cheese nips!
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    Motherfucking DUNKAROOS.

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    A vanilla/banana flavored icecream in a cardboard tube you had to push upwards via a little plunger on a stick.

    I forgot the brandname but every time I smell something similar I remember being like 8 years old again and going to the municipal open-air swimming pool with my parents in the dead of summer. And it's been about four times that long since I've had one

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    I used to love Dubbelnougat when I was a kid. Still have one every now and then but they just don't taste as good as they did when I was a kid...
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    People have said Dunkaroos many times so I'm going to say Soda-licious and Mario fruit snacks back when Mario 3 was released. Those were amazing

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    Sliced apples and sliced cheese. Maybe some sliced bologna with that.
    We had "grilled cheese" on tortillas, with ham a lot too.
    Plenty of other things I'm sure, but those are the two that popped to my head. I really loved those snacks.

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    Touch Down bars and boiled candy......I'm not that old just Ireland sucked as a child:P

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