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    FFXIAH Players and GW2 Beta access

    Seems there is a post going around in the FFXIAH site that might guarantee FFXI players access to the Guild Wars 2 beta.

    What do you guys think about that?

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    It means I'm signing up for FFXIAH forums.

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    Doubt it's true since they would rather look at your PC specs, their not going to let someone join the Beta because They said #gw2Beta. I don't trust this one.

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    Well, assuming he's telling the truth, it gives members of his fansite forum guaranteed access, rather than FFXIAH players. I see there's already some responses with just one post.

    It could just be a cynical attempt to get a lot of hits on his site for the advertising revenue.

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    I feel like over the course of XI we had a lot of unfulfilled promises from Cliff, but hey! Can't hurt right? I signed up.

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    I don't think ANet have said anything about it? If not then I'm going to just go with it being an attempt to get some hits on his website.
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    Only way to sign up for the beta is thru https://beta.guildwars2.com you should never click anything else telling you can get the beta.

    Please remember that the only place you can signup for #Guildwars2 beta is http://beta.guildwars2.com & we have not sent out ANY invites yet! ~AT
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    Eh need to verify your characters anyway

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    This sounds a little bit too good to be true. I'm not going to do it myself but I wish you people luck anyway.

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    Dont believe, hed get in trouble for that.

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    And remove the "scam" link.

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    Check GW2 twitter. They responded that it should be down now about 12 minutes ago. http://twitter.com/#!/guildwars2

    edit- omlech beat me to it.

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    I call bullshit.

    his argument is that Cliff worked on FFXI and on GW2. And because of that FFXI can get access to GW2 beta on that forum. If it was that simple id expect ANet to hand out guarenteed invites to GW1 players aswell. I mean come on, alot of developers who worked in GW1 work on GW2. And thanks to the boxsales from GW1 they can make their sequel.

    And since i havent heard anything from ANet about letting anyone with GW1 into the beta, i highly doubt theyll guarentee a spot to people who play a completely diffirent game just because they share a developer.

    edit: seems i was right :P

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    Its BS...but will probably have 50 pages by tomorrow afternoon LOL.

    EDIT: Or not...damn...ANet is on top of things!
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    They are so on top of it, that its still up? :P

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    Someone posted a Twitter link to GW2's twitter and they confirmed it's fake.

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