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    Help with holy

    I am in a 25 man heroic raiding guild, we are 4/8 heroic in 25 but recently it is getting harder to compete with other classes on some of the fights, Here is a link to my armory and several logs of our last few raids

    I just signed up so it isn't letting me post links but I will edit them in after making a few posts.

    If anyone who knows a bit more about holy them me could help me out, give me a few pointers or suggestions about gearing options it would be highly appreciated.
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    Give us you chars name and server and we'll post the link for you

    Also logs or just some general info on how you play and why/when you feel you're falling behind would be nice.

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    I would keep in mind if you run a heavy mastery build as fights become "farm" you will likely begin to slip down in numbers. Mastery builds tend to preform extremely well on progression but not so well once people are getting comfortable and taking less damage/being topped up more quickly.

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