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    That's probably a reason why people stick around terrible MMOs for so long. They keep hoping that something will change for the better, or hope the developers will listen to their pleas. The funny thing is whenever a request is selected and implemented into an MMO that was presented by the player, it's usually the most idiotic suggestion made yet. For example WoW players beg Blizzard for Paladin fixes; doesn't happen. However, when 5 people at Blizzcon remind Blizzard about the TBC Pandaren idea, then Blizzard's all over that shit!

    The fact is, games rarely change by logical player suggestion, and 90% of the time, most suggestions get ignored.
    Companies are going to make the game the way they want, and there's little anyone can do to change that. So if a game sucks, stop playing it, or you could always keep trying to "change" the game over and over again...what's the definition of that again?

    Oh yeah...insanity.
    If enough people want a change, ANet might just change it. Since you'll probably want an example see

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    Well this thread goes to show that the GW2 guys know how to market their game.

    Think about it. The hype has been building for GW2 for *months*, and suddenly there's a "48 hour only" beta signup. So every single person who has the slightest interest in GW2 flocks to signup, and it hits 1 million signups in that ~48 hour period. Now their marketing guys get to enjoy inflated hype from the community spreading the info that GW2 gained a million signups in 48 hours. Omitting the fact that those advertised 48 hours were the only possible time you could have signed up.

    I'm not trying to say the game will be a huge flop or anything, and I'm excited for it myself. But I know a thing or two about marketing and this was a textbook marketing stunt, and really should not be used to predict the success of the game.

    SWtoR would have probably seen the exact same had they done the "limited time offer 48 hour beta signup" thing.

    It's a smart marketing stunt too. Rather than taking direct action, they simply influence the community into making a poor analysis and the hype automatically builds.

    You can bet "1 million signups in 48 hours" is going to become a staple in the hype machine for GW2, just as the marketing guys intended.
    All beta tests are marketing stunts. A company that puts its game into a beta for the public has most of its bugs and changes already sorted. The most you get from a beta test is hype about the game (even with an NDA, this actually makes it even more juicy) and perhaps a few niche bugs, which are always nice to find out about before launch.

    Dont get me wrong sometimes there is a glaring problem that just went past the devs, but a lot more often than not this is not the case. The companies do this for hype and very little else.

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