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    Rotation help (low DPS)

    Hi, our Shadow Priest's, Debretini, DPS seems to be way out of optimal, so I'm trying to help her out.
    First, what stat weights should she use on wowreforge? (it seems like the best site for such calculations)
    Second, I'd like to ask if the rotation in Kilee's guide (sitcky) is still current? Should any corrections be done? We've compared some logs and it seems that Debra is using wrong priorities. Could you please point out the mistakes?

    This Shadow girl needs you desperately!

    eu battle net/wow/en/character/burning-legion/Debretini/advanced (add dots in the domain url)
    Ultraxion HC (I think our best try, wiped at 137k )
    www worldoflogs com/reports/rt-ks74ar8u392noszi/analyze/dd/source/?s=6610&e=6972 (add dots in the domain url)
    www worldoflogs com/reports/rt-ks74ar8u392noszi/analyze/dd/source/?s=5609&e=5958
    Yor'sahj HC
    www worldoflogs com/reports/rt-dzbphkxm1b6brldd/analyze/dd/source/?s=4425&e=4987 (add dots in the domain url)
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    Please read the stickies at the top of this forum and post the relevant information in the FIX MY DPS thread.

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