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    Dyes problem

    I've got 3 rare dyes so far, two of which are dark ones, Black and another one i cant recall the name right now.

    The problem is, when i dye my hat with the black one, the upper part will be changed to brown no matter what, as soon as i close the character window.

    Same thing with the other dye, but affects the boots.

    Is it intended, or am I missing something?
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    It might just be the lightning effects, making it look brown?

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    Quote Originally Posted by VictoriousPixel View Post
    It might just be the lightning effects, making it look brown?
    Nah, it's just how it works.

    Like if you're talking about Midnight Fire. It shows up black on most parts of the armor, but on other parts it's a really dark red. It is called Midnight Fire afterall...Even on the pieces that show up black you can still see hints of red. Idk why it works like that, but that's how it is.
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    This article will explain why certain parts look different shades when coloured with the same dye.
    It's mostly to do with the different materials your gear is made of.

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