I see many people asking about how to track this or that so I figured I'd post a few exports for Powa Auras. These are mainly for Arms but you can edit them after importing. To import, just hit the import button (after you open Powa Auras of course) and then copy/paste the code.

Mortal Strike: This will notify you when Mortal Strike is available for use.

Version:4.23; icon:Ability_Warrior_SavageBlow; buffname:mortal strike; x:-22; bufftype:15; owntex:true; sound:23; size:0.08; y:-20

Overpower: Will notify when overpower is available no matter the stance you're in.
Version:4.23; icon:Ability_MeleeDamage; buffname:Overpower; x:28; bufftype:7; owntex:true; sound:17; size:0.09; y:-22

Colussus Smash: Notify when CS is off CD or when Suddon Death procs.
Version:4.23; icon:ability_warrior_colossussmash; buffname:colossus smash; x:4; bufftype:15; owntex:true; sound:22; size:0.09; y:-46

Colussus Smash: Displays a timer for the duration of the Colussus Smash debuff.
Version:4.23; target:true; icon:ability_warrior_colossussmash; buffname:colossus smash; x:-57; bufftype:2; owntex:true; mine:true; size:0.14; y:-91; timer.h:1.02; timer.enabled:true; timer.cents:false; timer.y:-91; timer.x:-57

Rend: Displays Rend debuff with timer.
Version:4.23; target:true; icon:Ability_Gouge; buffname:rend; x:58; bufftype:2; owntex:true; mine:true; size:0.14; y:-91; timer.enabled:true; timer.cents:false; timer.y:-89; timer.x:58

Bladestorm: Will tell you when Bladestorm is off CD
Version:4.23; icon:Ability_Warrior_Bladestorm; buffname:Bladestorm; x:-52; bufftype:15; owntex:true; sound:1; size:0.17; y:36

Deady Calm: Same as above, lets you know when it's off CD.
Version:4.23; icon:achievement_boss_kingymiron; buffnameeadly Calm; x:64; bufftype:15; owntex:true; sound:49; size:0.17; y:39

Execute Phase: This will display a red aura around you when your target is below 20%
Version:4.23; b:0.2824; g:0.2; target:true; icon:inv_alchemy_elixir_05; bufftype:8; texture:4; threshold:20; size:0.48

I'm not the most savvy individual with Powa Auras, but hopefully some of these will be of use to you.