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    [H] Luce [DRAENOR] 8/8 25HC -> Recruiting for MoP!

    What is Luce?

    <Luce> is a new guild formed of friends that raided together in the past, and now re-united. We are all ex-hardcore raiders that used to raid 5 nights or more a week.

    Many of us have come back to Draenor (and some for the first time) to help build a large, thriving, and competitive guild that this server can be proud of. We are 6 months into the project and things are going well. We still have a long way to go!

    "We like to log on, have a laugh and kill some pixels!"

    We recruit players for:

    1) PvE Raiding (PRIMARY - 80-90% of apps)
    2) PvP Battleground / Arena fun
    3) Socials - we have an active roster and are always looking for fun socials to join up!

    PvE Raiding - What are Luce looking for?
    Players who do not join to get carried, simply. We are looking for the player with experience, maturity, positive behaviour and dedication.

    We are primarily a raiding guild. We expect applicants as well as members to always come prepared with consumables, a good attitude, and a very high raid attendance. You will have to perform, accept criticism, and show initiative.

    We are here to help each other improve as players and also enjoy the game more - trust us it works!

    We raid less than 10 hours a week, and are maintaining progression better than many guilds who raid 50%+ more than us - the return on your time raiding with Luce is therefore very good. However this also means we must be very time efficient during raids - do not apply if you cannot focus and perform to a very high standard for 3 hour stretches.

    Know your class, gem and enchant your gear CORRECTLY.

    We're currently 8/8HC in Dragon Soul, 25man

    Gear is not as important as

    1) Attitude
    2) Skills
    3) Generally being a badass dps/healz/tank...

    If you fit into the guild and perform well, you will get geared up fast.

    Our Raiding Schedule:

    Tuesday - 20.30 - 23.30
    Thursday - 20.30 - 23.30
    Sunday - 20.00 - 23.30

    NOTE: Progress raids CAN be extended for up to 30 mins when we are near a kill.


    If you have any questions, or would like a chat on vent, please do not hesitate to contact Amillata, Kiraous, Barbageddon, Evilkyro or Xarl.
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    Bump - looking for anything - feel free to apply !

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    Now also looking for a capable Rogue.

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    boom need few more pro dps

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    go go applications plz

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    now with pr0 website!

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    still looking for sickness

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    now with spaceships!

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    updated recruitment

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    looking for moar pr0s

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    up - looking for any kind of super sick awesome ranged caster DPS as in Warlock (prefered) Priest or Mage. maybe a Healer or Two too! be exceptional though!

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