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    Beta performance

    Hey guys,

    Just got into beta thanks to a good friend, but it is running rather sloppy here. It's smooth as butter until it freezes for about a second or 2. In combat, out of combat: Doesn't matter. Happens too frequently for my taste.


    Intel i5-760
    4gig RAM
    Nvidia 460 SLI

    While Diablo probably does not support SLI, one 460 should still be more than enough to pull this. edit: It seems to support SLI, and I have the profile driver.

    Anyone else having performance drops despite having a system that should be able to run this? Or can I attribute it to 'beta client'?

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    had a few issues now and then, so personally I put it down to the client.

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    I think it has to do with caching which doesnt work properly yet in beta and its a know issue.

    easy way to check does it get better the longer you play?

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    Only time i had choppiness was when it wasn't fully downloaded

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    Let launcher download the game/patch to full. Let it install it to 100%, when it says its ready to play, start it. Problem solved
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    Yea its a known problem in the game, the new patch fixed a few of these issues so the game seems to run smoother, but there are still some issues they need to address. your machine should run in fine though.

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