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    Ran it about 20 times on my lock before I got it in a bag on my tank.

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    Grats on your mount! However, I'm in a very different boat. I came back to WoW a while ago, and just wanted to do Sethekk for the mount, but my friend was the summoner. She still didn't have it. Well, it dropped our first run. I let her have it because she hadn't gotten it yet. A couple days later, another dropped for me. I kept doing it on alts, and again, a couple days later I got another on my hunter. Literally, I got 3 mounts in 5 days. Everyone hated me.

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    24 runs on my priest. I ran it a lot on my rogue back in BC with no luck. =/ Now I can ride it like a baws.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slummish View Post
    I don't get it. I've gone AFK a million times to blow my bf so he'd get off my back and let me raid. What's the problem here? People have sex...
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    "you need to understand that my computer and i have a relationship that was here before i met you, and will be here long after we break up. if i could have sex with the CD-rom drive, you would be irrelevant. just so we're clear on this"

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    i ran it almost daily since sethek halls was availlable with my druid. switched to my main paladin since 2 month, it dropped few days ago, after i also got ashes of al'ar

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    Today I got two Raven mounts from tanking satchels in lfd.

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    6 tries for me!

    (sorry )

    Gz to all!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kivimetsan View Post
    Not as impressive as my Flamtalon.
    ... and not nearly as gaudy either.
    107 attempts before success.

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    Quote Originally Posted by uzumati View Post
    4 kills on my druid back when you had to have a druid to summon the boss.
    Hey u stole my avatar

    10 times btw.
    but congratz

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