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    Doesnt really feel rewarding anymore, ive got it on 4 chars. Altho for my main i had to do 147 runs.

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    first kill... yep... thats how i roll on alot of things... like the blue+green proto aswell as the malygos mount... yep...

    Edit: i know... i'm a douche am i not ;D?

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    All these people who seem to be trying to stroke their epeen by boldly stating how few kills it took... I got mine after 0 kills as it was in my CtA bag. Do I win?

    In all seriousness, congrats OP. There's definitely stuff that I want that took ages to get (or I never did); I think everyone has at least one of those sorts of items. Congrats on finally getting yours!

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    I give you my congrats OP, Though my story a bit -.- It took me 2 kills however that's when you still needed a druid to summon it. I had to pay the guy 10k unfortunately; Within the next few weeks they make it so you can kill him without a druid =(

    /cries oh well the mount still looks amazing

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    still havent gotten it after 40 something kills on the one that counts my priest, but my mage got it the first kill

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    things such as rare mount drops only occure on test real.

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    Got mine on kill #100... right around 70 or so I decided I would stop trying after 100 :P

    It was the same night we had finally killed Ragnaros, too ... good day!

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    160 but oh well, I has KZ mount too I was like meh maybe it will drop? & BAM but never zulian tiger.... 150 runs+

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    I hate you all, been farming it since late 2009 almost everyday.. ALMOST..

    I have killed it more times than i've killed raid bosses. (lol) nothing dropped.

    So all who have it, I hate you. lol

    jk, but seriously, grats on all who have it, either on 0 kills to 1000 kills..

    someday it will be my turn. maybe..

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    First kill, but it's the only mount I've had luck with, farmed zulian tiger and raptor a lot and nothing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elvine View Post
    I gave up on Kara =\ That thing never drops!
    friend got it just now on his 3rd kill.. i'm at 120................
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    ive got it on like 3 chars lol, feels like its not even rare anymore

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    got it after 4 tries on my feral back in wotlk soloing it. got Swift Zulian Tiger after 5th try back before it was removed =)

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    My druid got her ravenlord mount the very first time we ran it, back when you needed a druid for the boss. Everyone in the group thought, for some reason, the mount was druid-only, so they all passed on it lol.

    My other characters have hit their luck to varying degrees. My DK got it 3rd (He also got the Baron mount 1st) run, my huntard got it about 10th, my pally, mage, lock, and shaman have yet to see it at all, and my priest got it around 30th or so. I think my DK has the luckiest streak ever for drops, I used him to farm all of the whelping pets and got every last one of them in a combined 2 hour period, he got the kara mount on his 4th run (none of my other characters have it), he got the brewfest mounts back to back (back when they dropped from the boss) and got the halloween drop 2nd day. He's definitely my good luck charm :-) About the only mounts he never saw were the ZG ones; to this day, I've never owned either of those mounts on any character between the 6 accounts I've owned since beta.
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    Don't hate me. Third kill.

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    for me it's not about how rare it is, or how many other people have. it is simply a bad ass mount and without a doubt my favorite mount in the entire game. so i don't care how many other people out there have it. i will always ride it, and be damn proud of having a freakin awesome looking mount!

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    after around 300 runs yeah, I got it too

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    I'm not sure how many times I've run it. I did it quite a bit back at 70 before they started tracking kills, and even then, I don't think they even track Anzu, just the last boss in there. I know for a fact I didn't kill the last boss each time I was in there, so I'll never know how many kills.

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    After many times of me killing him we have come to an understanding that we are just not ever going to get along.

    Grats OP.
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    Took me about 50 kills. I got my ravenlord and blue proto drake the same day

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