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    Been farming it since it was possible to farm it solo as a none druid on my main.. Nothing.. Go in there on a ALT paladin and it drops the first time.. I wanted to die..

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    Got my 1st at 400 kills, 2nd at 125 kills and 3rd with Satchel of Exotic Mysteries

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    It took 61 kills to get mine and I love it
    Welcome to the club OP and grats on your shiny new mount!

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    got mine only after 3 times!
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    I lost count on how many times I've tried and failed. Still no Ravenlord for me. I did get the after 2 tries though before they removed it, so I can't complain too much.
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    Snagged mine at ~30 kills, back when you still needed a druid to summon it!
    Fortunately I had a super awesome good guy in my guild who was a druid who ran it with me every day.
    This awesome dude also managed to convince a guildie who won the Grand Black War Mammoth in VoA to give it to me.
    ...I miss him, he quit for EQ2.

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    Second run. i know a guy whos been in there for 4 years straight, every single day.. That must be around 700 days

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    Please stop using this thread and use the over 50 pages long one instead, here :

    Quote Originally Posted by parish View Post
    Second run. i know a guy whos been in there for 4 years straight, every single day.. That must be around 700 days
    Actualy, 4*365 = 1460 days.
    Ecce homo ergo elk

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    Sorry :S

    Sorry to say this but I have gotten it twice.... both on the first run.

    I got it on my main (priest) back in Wrath. I decided to go there, first time ever in Sethekk halls, as I made my way to Anzu I carefully mapped the pats and how I could make this as fast as possible for future runs. Then boom it dropped. I waited until a good friend was online so that he could see the guild achieve I also killed the last boss at the same time to get the normal / heroic achieve.

    About 2 weeks ago my hunter alt hit 85 and i was bored while in a queue for LFR, decided to head to Sethekk. As I was killing Anzu the queue popped and I was half minded to take it, but decided to wait as I was killing Anzu. Sure enough it dropped for my alt on his first run as well. In total I've only been to Sethekk 2 times EVER. This mount appears to have a 100% drop rate so I dont know what everyone is complaining about

    Good luck to the rest of you! Remember, the more you want it, the longer it will take to get it.

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    Took me something shy of 30 runs. Luckiest I've ever gotten with a mount (thank God for that too, done it back when you needed a druid to summon him so I had to dual box my brother's).

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    decided to farm it with my rogue alt a couple of days ago

    yesterday, on my 3rd run, i got it funny thing was that i killed the boss before he could even manage to summon his annoying adds, never been able to do it with my warlock that way. i think as a reward for that he decided to give me the mount ;P

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    3 runs...gave up after that.
    The next week after that give-up we ran firelands and I got the Alyss fire of that mount.

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    i got raven lord(the belt) yesterday. and most of the time i run it -.-

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    436 runs on one character... i hate you all
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    Lets see, i got it on 8 chars so far.

    1st kill on my warrior*
    1st kill on my old shaman*
    1st kill on a hunter i deleted*
    45 kills on my mage
    6 kills on my crrent main shaman
    not sure how many on my other chars...

    * Believe me or not, it happened =P

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    5th kill on my main.
    On the other hand, 100+ Stonecore solos and i've never seen the Vitreous Stone Drake drop once.

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    78 kills for me - and the time I ran it I was like - meh I will run for cloth and just for fun, I am so over the mount hunt.... AND OF COURSE IT DROPPED! Very surreal to see it in the loot tab. Its a great mount yet I don't use it which is ironic for the amount of work it took. Oh the collecter bug is cruel.. I am on to the farm for the white hawkstrider now and that hasn't dropped in 83 tries.

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    somewhere around 70-80 kills (can't see it in statics since i allways hs-ed out without killing last boss)
    but before it was soloable without a druid i used to spam /2 to get a druid to summin him for me and pay him some ridicilous price to use ML for mount.

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    33 times and that badboy was mine.

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    Been about 5 months so far with no luck. I hate all of you.

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