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    nothing, i open the door like a ninja. jk

    car key, my house key, shed key and my mum/brother's house key that's it.

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    Too much crap >.< my house key, my mom's house key, my car, my brother's car (used to be mine), key to get into work, key to certain locks at work, and a key to the other half of the locks at work. Plus that thingy that unlocks my car.

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    House key
    Some weird plastic thing i made in metal and plastic course in school like 8 years ago
    and like 10 other key rings i dunno why it just looks fun
    And then there is a name tag for the company we bought our house from 6 years ago
    Its also hanging on one of those key bands or whatever that you can put the keyring on and have around your neck which have a Diablo 3/Starcraft 2/World of Warcraft theme i got it from a guy from blizzard at a game convention

    Dont realy have anything else.

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    A couple of keys, and a Tamagotchi from when I was like 8.

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    A house/hallway/mailbox master key and my authenticator.

    My old one was a bit bigger tho, 4 keys from house (yep 4 locks in 2 doors in one flat), a mailbox key, my bike key, a couple keys I had no idea why I have them, a short broken chain from something and a trinket in form of boomerang with kangaroo on it (yes, it is indeed from Australia).

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    Keys and a small light thing. Skelington has a couple flashy, fun ones, but he doesn't use them.

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    House key
    Car key / button thingy
    Key to the band trailer
    Guitar pick pouch
    A miniature Utah license plate with my name on it (gift from a Utahnian friend)

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    House keys Front/back
    shed key
    locker key for work
    bike lock key
    bottle opener
    cigar cutter (for the montecristos)

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    Fort Liquordale
    Car key
    Dorm key
    House key
    D-shape carabiner snap hook
    Bottle opener that's shaped like a shark

    Quote Originally Posted by Rukentuts View Post
    Car, bike rack, and house.
    You have a bike rack on your key chain? Impressive. o.O

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    Lost in the high glow
    Nissan emblem
    Budweiser bottle opener
    Speedway rewards thingy

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    Florida (Say Sorry)
    Car keys, house keys, clip.

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    Your coffee.
    House key. Master key. Mail key. Authenticator. Seashell keychain. Albertsons cardthing, Rite Aid cardthing. Car key. Car clicky thing.
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    A (Sensational™)

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    Car, house, cottage. I keep it nice and simple.

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    Gumdrop House, Lollipop Lane, Happy Land.
    House keys
    A mini torch/keyring type thing.

    My keys are not very interesting.
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    Car key, 2nd car key (hahahahahaha) gym membership and Cleveland browns lanyard.

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    Portland, OR
    I have three key rings looped together.

    Apartment Key, Mailbox key
    Two keys for work
    Dog Tags

    Used to have my bike key on there as well, but my bike got stolen >.>
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    Except maybe Morgan Freeman. That man could convince God to be an atheist with that voice of his . . .

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    Apartment Key
    Mailbox Key
    Bike Key
    Rubber/plastic thing with the address of my apartment complex on it in case they are lost

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    One key ring
    Outside door key
    Inside door key
    Car key

    I desperately need a lanyard and some nifty key chains to make them more noticeable. Sometimes I forget them because they are so small and unexciting.

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    Grizzly Hills, land of the Woke
    House key, garage key, car key, mailbox key, authenticator, Protoss keyring.

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    A Key to my house
    A key to my parents house
    A key to my locker @ work
    A key to the lock on my bike

    Damn my keyring is boring as hell

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