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    I have a fluffy tiger keyring, so if it's dark I can just find the fluffy thing in my bag and grab my keys out... hopefully

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    I have two sets one with my apartment building key, apartment door key, mailbox key, and a bottle opener that says "I'm a try-sexual" that I've had for about 8 years, and a key to my parents new house. My other key ring is for my truck key, key fob, and two keys that I have no clue about.

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    A few keys and bnet authenticator.

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    I don't own any keys XD

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    I have:

    Apartment keys
    Bottle opener
    Mini Swiss Army knife
    LED torch light
    Pound keyring (for trolleys)
    Photo of my BF
    A silver turtle.

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    House key, my old house key (cos I used to love my old house ), Thor's hammer, Finn and Jake, a ring that belonged to my dad and an Ichigo keychain
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    Car keyes, apartment keys, authenticator, a Carnival mask, and Frostmourne. I'm not joking.

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    house key 1
    house key 2
    mailbox key
    key for my work 1
    key for my work 2
    key to my mom's house 1
    key to my mom's house 2
    key to my mom's house 3
    key to my dad's house
    key to the house of a friend (for when he loses his key, which happens often.. Lol)
    key to a small lock for a bike

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    House key, Car key and Blue Cross coin

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    I have a tendency to not take things off my key ring. So I have:
    a clip
    a foot shaped bottle opener
    a metal bird ish key chain
    house key
    garage key
    car key
    and 6 keys that I don't remember what they go to.

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    lets see
    Keys: 2X back doors, 2X front doors, Screen door out the back, car
    A bendable stewie, Bnet authenticator, and some little thing my brother got for me in NZ
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    Key to mah crib
    Key to work
    Car key
    Some weird clip thingy
    Key to the attic lock
    A "silver" coin with my name on it (got it from my mom, lolz)

    Also, need to get a bottle-opener

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    Car key
    House key
    Miniature head gasket replica of the one that's used in my cars engine

    I don't like a lot of things in my pockets.

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    Quote Originally Posted by orissa View Post
    House key
    Car key
    Dorm room key
    A grenade
    Emergency toilet paper
    Golf clubs
    A case of Sam Adams Winter
    My other laptop
    A folded bicycle
    And a car starter.
    Hahaha, would love to see the toilet paper on a keyring


    House keys
    Cars keys
    That's it.

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    Mortise Lock key, Yale lock key, useless key and back door key.

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    House Key.
    Car key.
    3 different bike chain locks, (which i've lost the chains for)
    St Johns facemask for giving mouth to mouth with
    Australian red cross blood donor thing saying Im O positive.
    KFC discount keychain thingo.
    Civic video membership thingo.
    Pepsi max bottle cap given to me by my recently desceased ex girlfriend
    4 different rings connecting the lot

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    Only carry my carkey with some thingy attached to it, housekey is kept outdoors somewhere

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    Apartment key
    key to my bikes lock
    key to my storage
    a small pink plastic fish
    Close your eyes and smile.
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    They removed keyrings. So now I have to carry a whole bag just to drop a key in when I want to go out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cariboulou View Post
    I got my own apartment key, my mother's apartment key, a key for a mailbox aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand: The hylian shield keychain!
    No kidding! I got the Hylian Shield too As well as my housekeys, spare key to parents and a little folded-up facemask for CPR purposes in a pouch.

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