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    The goal is to do a full clear every week in a timely matter to farm the Invincible mount and for whatever you are interested in coming for. We got most of the meta achievements except Blood Princes and Lich King. First come first serve. As soon as I spam for invites who whispers me first is first in group. Usually start invites 5-10 minutes before start. Although I am collecting shards for Shadowmourne I will be continuing is until I get the mount or kill myself. That means I will be looking for a person to collect shards after mine is complete. It'll probably be someone who came the most consistent.

    What: Heroic Icecrown Citadel 12/12 Full Clear

    Who: YOU! and all your capable friends

    When: Every Thursday at 9:30 PST

    Why: To farm Invincible's Reins and keep the Lich King contained

    We will be full clearing as fast as possible every week, for transmog gear, heroic achievements, and hopefully Invincible's Reins, the coolest flying horse around.

    All loot is up for rolls except Shadowfrost Shards.

    Please know the fights to an extent so we can make this a smooth and easy farm.

    Previous week, we cleared 12/12 heroic in a little under 2 hours and also did infusions. Seeing how much trouble infusions are at 85 the group will no longer be doing them.

    Add me on Real ID for invites, I spam through there. Also add me for any questions. [email protected]

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    Too bad it's US servers(i assume since PST), i would like to get my shadowmourne complete on my warrior
    But good luck

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    Bump bump bump bump

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    I'll be off and on because of work, but I'm down.

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    LOLOLOLOLOLOL I need moar

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    i would really like. i have like 20 shards already. but thursday on PST is too late (or too early if its 9:30 am) for me that works on friday

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    I would be interested in going, my guild should most likely clear DS by Wednesday. I'm mostly interested in shards (I have 32 atm) as I already have the meta/drake, just how close are you to getting 50 shards?

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    Done and done adding you when I get home. Will ask in guild and see if there are others who would like to participate

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    Last call for tonight

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    Added you for tonight.

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    Added for tonight OP. I'll cya then hopefully.

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    Is it okay if I come again? I might be able to bring a friend.

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    I'd still like to see a 25man raid of nothing but DKs, just to watch 25x army of the dead swarm the lich king
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    I'd like to come on this, I'm a holy/shadow priest PM me for realid

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    Upupupup for tomorrow

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    Please use the following thread for organizing reoccurring Cross-Realm runs: http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/...lm-Raid-Thread
    Or this one just for achievements: http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/...evement-Groups


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