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    I doubt he will be back after this latest attempt, now he knows for sure there is an alarm now so there really is no way for him to steal the thing and not get caught. If he does come back; dumbest car thief ever? He wont be attempting to steal cars much longer with skills like that, he'll get caught soon enough. Report it to the cops though in case it does happen again to cover your ass in case of a future confrontation and they will increase their patrols in the area, it's even more helpful if you can tell them the time frame it happens in.

    If you see him outside working on your car, don't scare him off with a flashlight. Call the cops and tell them to come with their sirens off and watch him quietly until they get there so that way he actually gets caught. It's not like he going to be able to steal your car anyway with you watching him, especially if you have a remote alarm. Just trigger the alarm or shine the flashlight if you feel he's actually going to successfully get into your car and start it before the cops get there. Which takes quite a bit of time for someone who even knows what they are doing exactly.

    That and GPS trackers in case you car actually does get stolen so it can be easily located by the police, and even shut off remotely leaving the thief stranded and screwed when the cops roll up. Garages are also really the only way to truly protect your car from everything and anything happening to it.
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    Buy one of those car alarms and a surround system to boost the sound even more so you make sure Everyone in the entire town knows someone is trying to steal your car.

    Also to all the people that just say defend yourself remember outside the US in most countries that isent allowed heck in sweden i cant even injure a burglar that have broken into my house without the chance of me getting sued for the caused injury...
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    Quote Originally Posted by StayTuned View Post
    What kind of "protective mechanism" is that?! A flamethrower beneath the car?!
    i had my car broken into multiple times in the same car park near my GFs house

    pretty sure it was some crackheads who lived a block over

    i always wanted to know how much trouble i could get into if i hooked the car battery up to the locks that i had to constantly replace.......

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    Quote Originally Posted by Twoflower View Post
    Defend your car, go to jail for murder. Great idea, Einstein.
    Nah, in most U.S. states you are allowed to use lethal force to protect your property, especially if you think your life may be in danger. Recently there has been a string of break-ins along a particular road in the county I live in, which is a very rural county with a lot of hunters. The thieves broke into one house and nearly killed the owner (beat him with a pipe and threw him down a flight of stairs. The sheriff went on the record (through a TV interview) and said that it is within a citizen's rights to kill someone on your property, his exact words were "One night they're gonna break into the wrong house and someone will be up waiting for them, and they'll have every right to protect themselves and their property".

    That being said, I'm very doubtful that Kevyne-Shandris (the user you quoted) would have the balls to shoot someone, not many people do.

    OT: I suggest you report your suspicions to the police. I'm not sure where you live, but if they're good at their jobs they will increase the monitoring of the area you live in.
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    take the car battery out? sure they can steal your radio and the alarm prolly wont work, but that car aint goin anywhere.
    Quote Originally Posted by ccsabathia View Post
    heat ≠ light

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    Sorry, I don't want to drive my old subaru outback anymore. Leave the door unlocked and I won't break the window next time.
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    yeah you can shoot someone who enters your house. shooting them at your car is a lil bit different.

    ot : you can remove some fuses so your car wont start

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    Must suck to live in a country where you can't even defend your own stuff without going to jail for it.

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    buy a surveillence camera and hope you get a good shot of his face. It will help authorities arrest him next time he tries this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rakatashi View Post
    Must suck to live in a country where you can't even defend your own stuff without going to jail for it.
    I don't see how shooting someone over a car can be seen as justified defending of property.

    In my eyes, if you see someone stealing your car and you are sitting in the ... let's say... 3rd floor, looking out of your window and you shoot him in order to protect your car, you are a batshit crazy person who should go to jail. Fuck the car, the insurance can take care of it. You just killed someone who wasn't even a threat to you whatsoever.

    Now, defending yourself when someone broke into your house is a different story. I am not arguing against that
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    Maybe I just missed this from the first ... entire page or something, but do they not have police in your country?

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    If you know a person with some electrical know-how, have them take out your current car alarm and replace the sound chip of it with a high-pitched woman screaming. While a regular car alarm makes people roll their eyes, a woman screaming will send people running to the scene to "see if she's ok".

    That and make sure you have a tracking device in your car that syncs with your phone. Some new high tech ones even alert the local police if the car is broken into or started without the key. Hope this helps and good luck.

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    no wait, have your car alarm sound like the woody woodpecker intro!
    Quote Originally Posted by ccsabathia View Post
    heat ≠ light

    "They was WATERING them. They was trying to GROW WHEELBARROWS."

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    set up a camera is your car, and if the person tries again, brg it to the cops, there is a good chance if he is trying to steal your car he has stolen others as well, and get a airsoft bb gun shoot him with that!

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    What was the movie (maybe tv show?) where they installed a car security system that would electricute the thief? Like when they'd sit down and try to hotwire the car, these straps would lock them into the seat and start frying them lol.

    Omg...what was that movie?!?!?!

    Side note: My old car was broken into twice so I know the pain. Thieves suck.

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    I'd just sleep in the backseat with a 20 gauge, do them one better and rob them at gunpoint

    hell, might even tell em to give me their clothes so they have to run home streaking in the cold

    Quote Originally Posted by StayTuned View Post
    I don't see how shooting someone over a car can be seen as justified defending of property.
    A lot of posters are so quick to defend people who commit crimes and are punished for doing so. But uh, I'm interested in why you think that criminals deserve a chance to get away with what they have done, just because any offense taken towards them by a regular joe could be fatal.

    If you commit a crime, knowing that you are going to incur someone's wrath, you have no one but yourself to hold responsible for what happens.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Safalatka View Post
    Someone is trying very hard to steal my car.

    First time I went to bed later(3am) than usually and saw someone sitting next to my car trying to unlock the door. I couldn't do much since I live on 11th floor so I scared him off with halogenium flashlight. Result? Drilled hole in a door and broken lock - 900 euro.

    I thought this was some small crimimal and the fact that I scared him won't make him to come again. I couldn't be more wrong... First morning after car returned from service I found it with broken window. I guess he triggered newly installed car alarm and run away.

    How can I fight this thief(s)?
    Get a gun, stake your car out, and shoot him when he tries to steal it again.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Twoflower View Post

    Defend your car, go to jail for murder.

    Great idea, Einstein.

    on topic : are you sure that it is the same guy ? Those two things could be unrelated.
    That is not murder- defense of property in most states is justified.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Twoflower View Post

    Defend your car, go to jail for murder.

    Great idea, Einstein.
    Yo, Einstein here's a clue: in the state of GA, if I walk out of my door, someone is breaking into my car and feel threatened (he's holding any weapon or I feel he is reaching for a weapon) -- I can legally put a .45 slug between his eyes, or balls.

    Was being nice, as my preferred weapon is this...

    Semper Fi, Mac!
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