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  • Staying with druid as main, same spec

    72 63.72%
  • Love my druid, but my main spec will be different

    11 9.73%
  • Rerolling a different class in Mists

    21 18.58%
  • Currently main is not a druid, but it will be in Mists

    9 7.96%
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    Will you switch spec or class of your main in Mists?

    Will you switch specs or class in Mists?

    I personally will likely stay as on my druid, but account wide achievements make it very tempting to switch to my warlock.

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    if the Druid talent system stays the same as it is now I will 100% be swapping to my Warlock too. if they tweak it I may be tempted to play Boomkin, but there is 99% chance I'm not playing Feral any more.

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    Once a Boomkin, always a Boomkin!!!

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    i love my boomkin, but i've wanted to be a monk since i first met one in scarlet monastery, so i'm rolling a pnda monk come MoP release.
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    Main's been a boomkin since ToC moving on to warlock. Destruction if the new system doesn't suck otherwise Demo

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    i'll roll a monk just to see what it's all about (and to learn weaknesses for pvp reasons), but i'll more than likely stick to my priest

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    I don't play as a druid as my main to begin with, but depending on how the account wide achievements will work, I will either stay as my Death Knight or move to a warrior (Plate melee classes <3)

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    I'll keep playing my druid, and i dont really have ms/os. So i will keep playing boomkin/feral in mist. Although feral will prob own looking at talents and all.

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    Ur more then welcome! Druids are loving xD

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    Tough choice for me. At present my two favorite classes based on their flavor/mechanics are Druid and Warrior. Between those two, I still have no idea which would be leveled first. However, I'm interested in monk....but reserve final decision on that class until I've had a chance to go over it's ability list, mechanics and talents in more detail.

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    Ur more then welcome! Druids are loving xD

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    *takes a cookie*

    Unless they completely break how it plays, which it doesn't look like, i'll continue to Owl it up.

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    I will be staying druid MS boomkin, but I'm thinking of switching my offspec from feral bear to healing. It's a tough choice.

    On the one hand, I love being able to solo trickier old content with my bear. On the other hand, the person I'll be leveling/dungeoning with is going to be tanking in MoP, so being able to queue as tank/healer will be great for quick queue times. Plus it's a lot easier to gear a healer if your main spec is balance.

    WTB tri-spec!

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    I find it interesting given such a small sample size - multiple druids considering switching to warlocks, with nary a mage (and fairly few other classes) mentioned.

    I know I will level a monk, but it is unlikely to become more then a "90 with scattered gear".

    I know I originally rolled druid because it was the only caster class besides priests for night elves back in 2.2 and Night elf was my favorite race to play in WC3.
    In other RPGs though, I never had my primary character be a druid, and hardly ever had a druid in my party.

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    Yea I'm sticking with my drood but I'm thinking of going from MS bear to MS kitty so minor change but a lot different.

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    Given the current design(goal) - or rather the lack thereof - i'm highly inclined to switch to monk.

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    I love my boomkin, he was my first toon. But, I am not liking the direction its going so I have already shelved him for my spriest and resto sham. I will however, lvl him up and max his alch and herb.

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    Might go back to resto, not sure. I won't change mains until account wide achievements / pets / mounts / titles are ingame fully

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    I will be switching from resto druid to holy pally, but not because of mist changes. I'd switch now if my guild would let me (crosses fingers for tuesdays meeting). BUT if I don't get to switch now I'll def be switching in Mists.

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    Resto forever and ever!

    PS: want to buy tri-spec too.
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