View Poll Results: What will you do with your druid main in Mists

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  • Staying with druid as main, same spec

    72 63.72%
  • Love my druid, but my main spec will be different

    11 9.73%
  • Rerolling a different class in Mists

    21 18.58%
  • Currently main is not a druid, but it will be in Mists

    9 7.96%
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    Will be switching from Feral Bear to Guardian :P

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    I might drop my prot warrior to become a resto druid.

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    I've been a feral Druid since I started playing, 2 months into vanilla. I've rode the storm of nerf, fix, change, nerf, fix, change for years and the upcoming changes in MoP are pretty much the final nail in the coffin for me. Couldn't tell you what class I will play in MoP though, will have to wait till Beta to figure that one out

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    I will probably stay druid and most likely kitty but you never know if blizzard screw some shit up... Heard some discussions about hybrids coming back and that would be awesome imo but i don't think that will work if you bring PvP balance into the discussion...
    But anyway as Bearshield said, have to wait for beta to make any decisions

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    Resto or unsub for me so...

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    Im currently MS Feral Hybrid, but since they are removing that, Ill be MS Guardian. I hope they bring out tri-spec! I wanna be feral dps at a moments notice!
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    Guess I'll stay Druid. Guardian Inc . I hope with the new fourth tree Bears no longer have to go Kitty when they arent tanking something for more dmg.
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    I currently play and LOVE my Frost DK, but my guild is sort of hurting for tanks. I might swap to my feral druid in Mists, but she will STAY Feral/Feral.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daetur View Post
    I currently play and LOVE my Frost DK, but my guild is sort of hurting for tanks. I might swap to my feral druid in Mists, but she will STAY Feral/Feral.
    I'm 100% sure that there will be at least one person in your guild who will reroll to a monk. So your guild can use monk tank. Monks will be OP in all roles at the beginning.
    Monks will use agi gear, so having feral tank, rogue AND "feral" monk will be too much for 10man guild.
    It will be better for you to just stay frost dk and let your monk tank.
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    I am not totally sure yet, but i am enjoying Feral Druid so chances of me switching are quite low.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daetur View Post
    I currently play and LOVE my Frost DK, but my guild is sort of hurting for tanks. I might swap to my feral druid in Mists, but she will STAY Feral/Feral.
    You mean Guardian/Feral? Having two cat specs seems sort of pointless in MoP.

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    My main a balance druid, I still have to decide if I want to stick with it and try out the new improved pvp survivability or use a warlock to stop gimping my dps in pve because of 8 sec tranquillity or any minimum movement that actually destroy boomkin's dps :S

    Warlocks now have an interesting new dps system similar to Eclipse...I like to watch a power bar and manage it to maximize my dps.

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    Technically, I'm changing spec because I'll be going to Guardian.

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    as always i will try out every class/specc and chose the one wich is the most Fun.. Duh! what do you do? play the most boring specc because it was formerly fun? least that is what i did in Cata because my 2 Vanilla - Wrath Mainspeccs (PvE Frostmage - low Damage and minor AOE / Protpaladin - just cant handle that anymore) just sucked Balls in cata so i had to look for something new.
    So i cata my Mainspeccs were Protwarrior, Dotlock, and Survhunter... exept the Hunter that other classes gets massiv overhault so i am almost certain that i wont like them after MoP launch.

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    My only hope is that they will introduce quad-speccing into mists so i don't have to pay gold every time i need to change from feral to guardian to resto to boomkin -_-

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    need more options. i dont know for sure how my feral will pan out till beta. even then it wont be set in stone. hell... i might stick with the druid but change spec, or stick with my feral dudu.
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    Most probably stay as druid main, and spec changing between the 4 as I've always done for the past few years, but might change my main alt from warlock to monk or shaman depending on their playstyle in MoP, or gonna do hc raids on all of them depending on my free time.

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    Stupid question, how do you change specs in MoP? Since there won't be anymore trainers can you just change spec on the go?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Juvencus View Post
    Once a Boomkin, always a Boomkin!!!
    this (10 chars)

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    My druid is not my main and will not be in cata but I will more than likely be resto again as I have been resto since early bc

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