View Poll Results: What will you do with your druid main in Mists

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  • Staying with druid as main, same spec

    72 63.72%
  • Love my druid, but my main spec will be different

    11 9.73%
  • Rerolling a different class in Mists

    21 18.58%
  • Currently main is not a druid, but it will be in Mists

    9 7.96%
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    Quote Originally Posted by Healarious View Post
    Stupid question, how do you change specs in MoP? Since there won't be anymore trainers can you just change spec on the go?
    You're misinformed. We won't have to go to the trainers to learn skills as we level up, but they aren't going away.

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    The current plan for MoP talents is to be able to change then like Glyphs work now, though they haven't talked about restrictions or costs.

    Edit: I just released that they haven't specified if the way to change talents will include the spec. I mean the Glyph-like system will work only on the talents themselves or will it include the spec as well? I'm curious now :P
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    Quote Originally Posted by Juvencus View Post
    Once a Boomkin, always a Boomkin!!!
    This. Hands down.
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    I'll be switching... Well, actually I'll be switching back to my warlock. Blizzard kind of went all Guantanamo on his ass with the boring stick when Catalcysm came out, so I sadly found myself unable to play a character I loved dearly. I just... Couldn't. Improved Soul Fire? Ugh...

    Suffice to say I've had a blast playing a warrior for most of Cataclysm, but with the very cool and exciting changes coming for locks in MoP (especially destruction) I'll be making him my main again. Everything I've heard sounds compelling and very fun.
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    Probably gonna stick whit my druid as main. But hopefully i get beta and can try out monk. And if I like it I might reroll.

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    Will be sticking with my moonkin cause with symbiosis and a mage in team we gear mirror image and there is only one thing better than a moonkin four of them! That and it looks like we will actually be able to do decent single target dps

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    Resto Drood now and for Mists.

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    resto druid now and probably always

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    I played hunter since launch, with a bit of warrior tanking for alt runs. Was in a 25 man raiding guild since naxx and the one class / role i always wanted to play, was balance druid. My guild was finally able to accomodate my long time wish, and now, i know for a fact, im a boomkin for life <3

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    going back to druid, as a bear this time, i had just been forced into 3rd healer on my shaman when i wanted to dps. Plus, i wanted to rank on worldoflogs, but having no legendary staff gimps me pretty hard at that, so all i can do is be pretty close to the bottom top 200.

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