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    Quote Originally Posted by Allanon the Mystic View Post
    They could always advertise the game without a release date, then when they decide they can update their commercials? D:
    It's more an issue of time I fear
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    Quote Originally Posted by Durzlla View Post
    then again i'm pretty sure you're smarter then the average dumbass

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    Minipets are easy points (Rare/Unique) = 3pts
    10 hero statues should be easy w/ NF and EotN and if you got Factions get Rare Pet (Black Moa) = 6pts
    1 title is easy also, complete one campaign (not EotN) = 2pts
    1 armor statue, ~70k = 1 pt
    Destroyer + Oppressor weapon = 3 pts (Destroyer = ~60k and Oppressor you'll get in War in Kryta quest chain which you'll have after completing EotN or Prophecies)
    = 18 pts that are easy

    P.S to get 3 more easy points complete all campaigns + do master mode (bonus objectives) in 2 campaigns

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