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    Thoese last dos - reforge and gemming choices

    Dear MMC

    Im trying to optimize the dps of my shadow priest, by coming as close to the hit cap as possible, and gemming for maximum haste.

    Questions is though, should i focus more on mastery (is there a haste cap?) and are the choices i made reforge-wise "correct"?

    Thank you


    Ain @ Emerald Dream

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    Drop herbalism for a raiding profession.

    Replace either Shoulders with Morchok's or Gloves with Spine's (if/when you have either.)

    I'm sure you can play around with reforging and get closer to Hit cap.

    Personally I'd go with Lava Walker on boots (and you can swap to 50 Haste to gloves to maintain 2592.)

    Stick with gemming Int/Haste instead of Int/Mastery - easier and cheaper to reforge a piece or 2 then to regem if you want to tweak stats.

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