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    [A]7/8 Heroic, 2raids per week, Recruiting Priest (healing), Shaman (dps) or Moonkin

    Hey there!

    Recruiting: Elemental Shaman or Moonkin



    We're the Part-Time All-Stars team under the Non Combat Pet banner, our team is 7/8H. Non Combat Pet has been the server first guild the entire Expansion with noteable kills like the #1 US 10man Ragnaros heroic kill, #12 US 10man Madness heroic kill. It's a wonderful guild full of very talented people with amazing alt runs.

    Here's the link to our site
    I can't post links yet -- Google "Non combat pet, enjin" and you'll find the site immediately.

    In two days a week, we get done what it takes other teams all expansion to do - by being prepared and doing our homework for encounters.

    Our times:
    Thursday 6:30pm- 10pm
    Sunday 11am - 4pm

    Last tier we downed Heroic Ragnaros while it was current content (never straying from 2 days a week), and we'll likely down heroic madness very soon.

    You can look me up in game on Justus on Proudmoore (or send me in-game mail OR post/ message info on this site) for a friendly pre-application evaluation. We're all very nice people and do our best to always be polite/upbeat while getting the content down, the team is also LGBT friendly =)


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    also open to holy paladin instead of priest

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    bump, still recruiting

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    Recruiting Elemental Shaman or Moonkin

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