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    Ti'tahk normal or rathrak normal+orb of the first satyrs as destro?

    Simple question,just got titahk,should i keep using Rathrak+orb of the first satyrs or switch to the staff?From my calculations it boils down to the orb's stats vs.49 int and 1 spellpower statwise,and the two different procs.

    What do you guys think?

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    that staff is garbage, it's going to be worse than anything you can access at any point you can get it

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    Why is it that the staff's proc is considered so atrocious though?It's 2k haste for you and ~400 for 3 teammates.Is it really that bad?

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    im not specifically certain why it is garbage for warlocks, but it is garbage for shamans(who's best stat is haste) so it might be similar

    this is why

    It's burst haste, which can come at any time

    so for a shaman who is on about 2000 static haste without this, you encounter a problem when the BiS trinket for slot2 (Insignia of the Corrupted Mind) procs, it add's another ~2000 haste on top of your already 2000 haste + proc haste from the weapon. ending up with ~6000 haste

    Another scenario,

    The Weapon proc's when you are using your only DPS cooldown as a shaman (Elemental Mastery) which also grants you mass haste.

    Another scenario,

    The Weapon proc's during Madness, when you already have the platform haste buff.

    Another scenario,

    The weapon proc's during Heroism/Blooodlust

    If the weapon proc's with any or even multiple other haste procs (as above) which is does often, you will find yourself haste capped (depending on your stats and which procs), therefore losing you effect.

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    The fact that it gives no extra stats and a passive chance haste proc makes it terrible. I believe it also gives the buff to random players, such as blood DKs or combat rogues. I wouldn't know, we disenchanted it when it dropped last week because nobody wanted it.

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    A) The proc may *average* to however much haste, but the fact that you get *zero* stats from it means that 100% of the usefulness of the proc relies on it proccing when you can take full advantage of it. And when it isn't procced, it's like you're using a weapon with no stats on it. That sucks.

    B) The "raid dps gain" is practically negligible - it can go to tanks, healers, and crappy dps, or dps that won't make much use out of the haste.

    C) All that aside, even in sims that assume the proc can be used 100% of the time, it is still nearly 800 dps below Lightning Rod of the equivalent difficulty (normal LR vs normal Ti'tahk, heroic LR vs. heroic Ti'tahk). I don't know the exact reason why that is the case, but it is. It's not a good weapon, period. If you want to stick it on someone to get the chance at the minimal haste rating, give it to a healer for fights like Ultraxion or something.

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    That staff makes me cry but at least it makes my ilvl falsely 1 point higher <_<.

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    Nibelung was better than Ti'thak is. And that's pretty bad. Nibelung was awful.

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