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    Become a practical joker. they might eventually get tired of stuff like antiquing and habanero juice in their lemonade, all while giving you a nice bunch of vids to upload to youtube.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ibnalail View Post
    She doesn't want to become friends, she wants someone with nice stuff she can steal and pawn and/or someone she can sucker into giving her money for meth.
    This is wrong, I know many people who do meth that do indeed have a sense of honor, and do not steal from their 'friends', or even try to make 'friends' so that they could steal shit from them. Usually these people just want to be friends with people who don't do drugs to feel better about themselves.

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    There's an old saying:

    "Honesty is the best policy."

    Has worked for me pretty damn well.

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    If you dont really like her, just tell her the truth. If she does drugs, she's not a good friend anyway.

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    Give her WoW subsciption

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    I'm on the phone the one now ... Help me

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    Thanks guys for all of the responses. If she calls or comes over again, I'm going to try to break it to her gently.. it'll be hard but it'll be worth it. BUT there's really good news, she hasn't called/come over in a week! It has made me so happy/relieved. Maybe she found someone else to leech on to? Or maybe she just got the hint? Her last call she left a message and asked for directions to some place like a few hours away from here and wanted to borrow 5 dollars, I just ignored it. Maybe she got offended or something. Or maybe she moved. I HOPE she moved. She was talking about wanting to move to a different state the last time she invited me over and my eyes lit up with excitement. (I know that's kinda rude, but if you knew her you'd probably have the same reaction)

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    is this Forum about Kingsley? sounds like one of my friends uh talk about wont get the hint >.>

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    Marry her.
    Operation Red Wing

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    I am in similair situation, but that is someone who I recently met at some group gatherings..he asked for my phone number and I was a little dumbstruck and it felt inappropriate to refuse so I played along..

    Actually cancelled (Sent an honest message that I didnt want to see people privately at the moment) a date with him to go drink somewhere tonight because I dont really feel comfy with the whole situation :\

    Good luck OP, you're not alone

    PS: People are not really good at taking hints, and the few who are good at it excel at it and it becomes almost annoying like a psychologist getting in your head ...

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    Dont answer your phone.. and if she keeps calling. block her number.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spazzeh View Post
    There's an old saying:

    "Honesty is the best policy."

    Has worked for me pretty damn well.
    This. Just don't be mean, be honest.

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    Tell her you don't like hanging out with her.

    Be straight up, use tact if you want but be honest and you'll get what you want.

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    *Turning off cellphone*

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    Quote Originally Posted by TechnoKronic View Post
    Dont answer your phone.. and if she keeps calling. block her number.
    Whaa! You can put people on ignore now? Preposterous! I've not been informed...

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    Quote Originally Posted by geniebsmart View Post

    I need some advice on how to get rid of an annoying clingy friend.
    Napalm. Lots of napalm
    "The only constant in the universe is inconsistency"

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    Two options:

    A) IF YOU CARE ABOUT WHAT SHE THINKS ABOUT YOU - Be honest, tell her you can't hang out with her EVERY day but don't mind hanging out now and then. Say it's not personal you just need space else you'll go crazy.

    B) IF YOU DO NOT CARE WHAT SHE THINKS - Simply tell her no, be blunt with her and ignore her. She'll soon get the hint or move onto someone else. You can also block her number on your phone by either using your provider or by downloading an application for your mobile (BlackBerry/Android/iPhone)

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    If she's imposing herself and bringing you into a drug environment (meth nonetheless, which is a sure-fire way to fuck your life), then it's she who is being rude. She is no friend of yours- do yourself a favor and be rid of that cancer before it gets to you. Who gives a shit what she thinks of you anyway?

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