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    better weapon for ds heroic

    hey I'm trying to figure out what the best weapon to use for ds heroic to maximize dps as a boom kin
    Rathrak, the Poisonous Mind and odd hand Dragonfire Orb or[Visage of the Destroyer] or lighting rod

    thanks guys

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    I think it all depends on your current haste needs. If you could use the haste from Lightning Rod to get to a major haste breakpoint, use that. If you can't reach a breakpoint easily, use Rathrak+offhand. I'm pretty sure both these options beat out Visage, though I'm not positive.

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    Mastery > Haste on Madness heroic.

    Visage 410 > LR 410 > Rathrak 403 > Visage 397 > LR 397 (probably).
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