Thread: Warlock dps?

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    Warlock dps?

    I would like to know that how about dps of Warlock compare with Elemental Shaman and Balance Druid?

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    It would help - greatly - if you were able to specify further. On what types of fights? Or are you simply looking for a stand-still-and-simlpy-dps scenario (usually called patchwerk)? 25M or 10M?

    To give a non-specific answer to a non-specific question, I would say this: Elemental Shamans rarely do better dps than warlocks, while Balance Druids (if they know what they're doing) quite often beat us.

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    Which one is funniest in PVE in your own opinion?

    Thank you.

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    Funniest, as most enjoyable to play? I've only played elemental shaman and warlock out of the two, and warlock wins by a mile compared to elemental shamans. They have one of the most mind numbing rotations in game :P

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    Warlock all the way!

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    It all depends on the encounter:

    Mobile fights like Hagara = Elemental Shaman
    Multi-dotting fights like Maloriak = Moonkin
    Fights where you can abuse BoH like Magmaw = Warlock
    Heavy burst fights like Zo'nozz = Elemental Shaman
    Burst AOE fights like heroic Rag = Moonkin
    Cleave fights like Yor'sahj = Elemental Shaman
    Pet-friendly fights = Warlock

    If you like managing a pet, being occasionally needed for utility, and bringing DI and healthstones to the raid, play a warlock. As for 'fun', that's a purely personal decision. Try out all 3 and see what works for you.

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