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    Looking for tips how to improve as Demo

    Hey warlocks here at mmo-champion. Iam a longtime stalker of these forums but i havent rly taken the time to post anything myself or even make an account so therefor this is my first post, if i put myself wrong in anyway with my post then plz say so .
    Anyways back on topic iam basically looking for tips on how to improve as demo, any good information is appreciated whether its fight specific info or something that i can improve in anywhere.
    Since i cant post links my character name is Drnasty and i play on EU-neptulon
    my guilds name is "revenge of the fallen" so u can find it easily on worldoflogs iam the one who logs the raids so im basically in every single fight and u can take a pic where u wanna look but the recent ones should be the obvious choice

    As i said earlier Any tips is very appreciated and im looking forward to post even more here since to me it seems like the warlock community seems very nice

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    If you are looking for help/tips with your dps, you should post in this thread http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/...efore-posting)

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    Ah ok will do ty for the info

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