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    Guildwars 2 beta in late march

    Hello fellow people of the internet forums,just read on anet's facebook (for you that is not following) that the second guildwars beta event will be happening in late march and the invites have not gone out yet.

    also from what they say it sounds like it will be several beta 'periods' and not an whole open beta untill the release date.

    so following GW2 anticipates,it looks we'll have to wait a little longer //sad face

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    Please use this thread: http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/...e-end-of-March

    Very little news goes unpublished here unless posting within minutes of the announcement.

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    opps really sorry about that,i rearly visit the stickies,guesse i'll have to start reading them^^

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    Closing this, there are already threads discussing this.

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