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    Lack of Keybind Options?

    I was just looking at Lewis B's Mesmer PvP video and on the description, it said that CTRL + and SHFT + keybinds weren't supported. I played GW1 and you couldn't do that in the game also. It's very disturbing to hear that ANet is still not going to add that to the game. What is so damn hard about giving us more customization with our keybinds?

    The movement in GW1 was based around click to move, and so a lot of players didn't use WASD for movement but skills instead. Having known this about how the game was for beta, I can see why we saw so many clickers. Something this simple but crucial for an MMO to not make it into the game is absurd. I really hope non GW1 players can get into the beta to give feedback to ANet to fix this problem. GW1 didn't support "+" macros; ALT +, CTRL +, SHIFT+, or even MOUSE BTN +, and given how polished GW2 is already, it doesn't look like they're going to add them for GW2 either. Such a monumental design fail to have in a game that is reflex intensive to not give us options for personalized keybinds. I mean, the damn Function keys(F1-F11) are not optimum keybinds at all and they seem to be a default for ANet. What kind of setup have they been playing in MMOs? I've never known anyone that extensively uses the F keys as combat keybinds. They need to fix this.

    Of course, my information source could be wrong but having played GW1 I'm led to believe that its a similar style in GW2.

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    You can rebind. Already addressed in several threads.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Ryph View Post
    GW1 didn't allow the use of modifiers and from this video,

    it specifically states that "Keys couldn't be rebound to CTRL + or Shift + leaving some mouse clicking necessary". And from the video posted above by Fencers, they never said anything about modifiers. The player could have been using a Naga, which GW1 did allow the use of assigning mouse buttons for keybinds. It's something simple that shouldn't be left out in a modern day MMO. Not having them in GW1 was a huge letdown for me and it's something that I never understood. They put default hotkeys as the Function keys. This was partly because GW1 was based around click-to-move movement, but this game is all about WASD type movement. Fix it ANet, plain and simple. It's not that hard and would please a lot of gamers.
    Just to reiterate...

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    Did you really need to make another thread for this when you posted the exact same thing in another thread?

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    I do think they will add shit/ctrl mods. Actually, I'm counting on it.
    They want this game to be take. Seriously as an esport, and I can't help to think that having full customizable keybinds will be very important.

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    I cant really see why you would need them, but choice is always good.

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    Please don't make multiple threads to discuss the same thing. You already posted in a thread discussing this topic, if you want to continue that discussion, do it there, not in another thread.

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