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    Warlock PVP

    Hey guys, i recently picked up a warlock alt got it to 85 and started pvp-ing. There are some ups and downs in it, especially in arenas (damn holy paladins xD ) But what i wanted to know from other locks out there, do you pvp (and why), and how do you feel atm as a warlock (mainly in arenas). and also, besides standard guide sites (which i have read) is there any additional advice you could maybe throw out there to help me out a bit, as already mentioned most problems for me occur while fighting vs comps that include holy palas.

    PS. i dont want to know if locks or any other class is op or not, i would appreciate your input on the my question and would like you to share your experience.

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    Keep Curse of Tongues up 100% of the time on the Holy Paladin, chain CC's as they have no immunities or ways to dodge it (like tremor, fear ward, grounding etc.) other than going out of LoS and try to get a Spell Lock off on him - lining all this while having dot's rolling with cd's up and DO NOT FORGET your Felhunter's Shadow Bite crits for truckloads (3 Shadow's Embrace Stacks, Haunt, full set of DoT's on the other target) will easily force Bubble, Trinket or w/e else he might have. Combined with the added CC from a Shaman or the like (Hex, wind shear, mind control, polymorph) depending on the comp your running. Easier to give advice if you provide useful information yourself such as what composition your running.
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    Not sure if you've seen this thread or not but he's done a very nice job

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    If you go to the post mentioned above by cyner, i can answer additional questions you have after reading it.

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