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    OP asked about burst, which is basically just your standard rotation minus a bane (honestly underwhelming).
    For the kind of window OP asked about (10-15 seconds), you can't use corruption either. At our mastery levels even an incinerate beats out corruption unless it is close to 100% duration.

    From my trials on spine, it was:

    (CoE if your team needs it), SB->Soul Fire, Immolate, Conflag (just wait for it), Shadowflame, Incineratex3, Chaos Bolt, Conflag (just wait for it), and then however many incinerates you have time for. Insert Shadowburn whenever possible if target is low health.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nfariessence View Post
    You can't pop a Healthstone when you're at max health. If you can't pop a Healthstone, you don't get the 20% "mini last stand" that Soulburn: Healthstone gives you.

    It's the lovely complexity of:
    Health at 165k
    Life Tap down to 140k, hope healer doesn't top me off instantly
    Pop Soul Burn,
    Consume Healthstone for 16k,
    Now I'm at 156k out of 198k max health,
    Hope a healer tops me off now so I don't die...
    but if you have nether ward why would you need to do that? nether protection + glyphed soul link alone is more than enough

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    on things like the sons of flame just Immo>Corruption>Chaos bolt>Conflag>spam incin till it dies. On the adds in the black phase on Zon'ozz hc i will also use BoA on them
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