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    His performance is still quite awful, has he actually made attempts to learn how to play properly?

    If he actually makes an attempt to learn, he should do some reading/watch some vids of other shadow priests doing different boss fights so he can actually get a grasp of what to do.

    Looking through most of that, he was either letting dots drop heaps, or barely mind flaying.
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    His DPS on Ultraxion is very poor. I have worse gear than him (damn the RNG tier tokens!) and do 10k more than him easily. Send him to a shadowpriest guide to learn, Killee's guide is a good start.

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    hrm i rarely play shadow, but out of curiosity i checked his armory (once you have logs, u can track so many stuff, when bored >.>)

    he has almost 18% hit (i dont see him getting any hit items recently on history so its not like he didnt have time to adjust stats), which i would think is a bit too much (wasnt it upto 17% that we need?)

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    ........ just came in to say....
    your priest is very bad. not to be a douche bag, but i dont think he knows his class, or any caster role in that matter. under 80% uptime as a shadow priest means you DO NOT KNOW HOW TO PLAY, average shadow priest im guessing is arround 90-95% up time and the good ones are at 97-99.9% up time
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    As the guy above me said, he is pretty bad. Terrible dot up time, low SWD count coupled with 0 caster buffs (beside himself).

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