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    Bane of Havoc on Haggara

    I wonder if Bane of Havoc works on frost phases when placed on Haggara or the best option could be the last crystal that raid will be killing?

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    Last crystal obv, since hagara doesn't take dmg during the 2 phases.

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    On that case:

    First crystal dies too fast, so no point to use any kind of Banes.
    2º crystal - BOA
    3º crystal- BOD
    Last crystal - BOH


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    Run out, put BoH on the last crystal your raid will kill + dot it, and then just go around = profit!

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    Or convince the raid to let you stack in the middle with a couple of healers and just spin on the spot dotting stuff ^^

    Edit# Sorry, did I say stack? I ofcourse meant slack!
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    Yea, easiest way to do hagara hc as a caster is to just stack up in the middle. Have been doing this since the first hardmode reset back in december, works like a charm.

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    That's what I thought, our tactic it's " healers and casters, stack up on middle", it's true works smoothly. Lets suppose you have Doomguard up, since I pop him on the begin with all cd's/proc's up. I have to BOA some crystal before we stack up on the 1º crystal. (to kill it asap). On transition phase I don't wanna that my Doomguard stay stand still without trown any Doombolts, if you know what I mean.

    Would be a pain in the ass, place BOH, immolate and corruption the last crystal and still trying to sneak a quick BOA on another crystal.

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    Correct me if im wrong here (Hagara is my worst fight :P) but I think you should wait until after the first transition phase before using the doomguard (same with other cd's) since there is only a small amount of time before she does the phase transition after you pull her. This could only hold true if its going to be a lightning phase first since your doomguard will be doing nothing for a lot of it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hodari View Post
    Last crystal obv, since hagara doesn't take dmg during the 2 phases.
    really ? cause i've been trying to make certain i refresh my dots before ice and lightning phases.........is this uneccessary ? I could've sworn my dps improved, when i had full refreshed dots b4 phases

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    She is immune to all damage while the lightning spires or ice crystals are up.

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