View Poll Results: Which Pixar movies did you like? (like, like like.)

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  • Toy Story

    95 72.52%
  • A Bug's Life

    70 53.44%
  • Toy Story 2

    72 54.96%
  • Monsters, Inc.

    77 58.78%
  • Finding Nemo

    83 63.36%
  • The Incredibles

    89 67.94%
  • Cars

    39 29.77%
  • Ratatouille

    61 46.56%
  • WALL-E

    84 64.12%
  • Up

    73 55.73%
  • Toy Story 3

    71 54.20%
  • Cars 2

    15 11.45%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Up is a masterpiece, one of the greatest films ever made.

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    I voted for every one except Cars2, and thats probably only because I haven't seen it yet.

    Funny anecdote, I was at a college ski club house and there were about 20 people doing their own thing around the house (rather noisily I might add, but hey, thats drunk college kids) while about 5 of us watched... Grandma's Boy, I think. Anyways, movie ended, and we were flipping through the DvDs looking for the next watch when we came across Finding Nemo...

    Needless to say, about 5 minutes later the entire house was dead silent and all 20 people had their eyes glued to the small TV for the next hour and some minutes... silence nonwithstanding quoting the movie as it went along of course. I think at least 3 of them had the entire movie memorized.

    I saw Nemo in theaters for my 10th birthday, and damn did that movie define my childhood.
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    I, like some others, like everything except Cars.
    I remember watching the first quarter of Cars 2, hoping it would get better, got to the bathroom scene and I had to turn it off, just... couldn't watch it anymore.

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    why would u make me choose between the three toy story movies! why!>?

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    Finding Nemo, Incredibles,and Wall-E are the ones I voted for. Not that the others are bad but those 3 are the ones I liked the most.

    Wall-E - Wall-E is so cute and I love his relationship grow with Eve.

    Incredibles - The main bad guy surprised me. I was not expecting that at all.

    Finding Nemo - I went with my sister, her kid, and 2 co-workers and the adults laughed more than the kid. To the point the kid was staring at us wondering why were laughing. One of my top 5 favorite movie experiences ever.

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    I have not watched Up or Cars 2, but I enjoyed the rest. The ones I liked the most was the 3 Toy Story movies, A bug's life and Monsters, inc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Godavari View Post
    why would u make me choose between the three toy story movies! why!>?
    Hey, Boub! make sure "Multiple Choice Poll" is more obvious please!

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    monsters inc and finding nemo are 2 of the best films ever made, its just a fact :P
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    I love how the poll results look like a wall.

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    All of them are a wonderful pieces, some of them just require more time to be good instead of like Toy Story where it's good before it's even out.

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    Skelington enjoys them all aside from Finding Nemo and Cars(which was just awful). He's never seen Ratatouille, and while Toy Story 2 was pretty meh, he did enjoy it.
    The other two Toy Stories are probably the best Skelington has seen.

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    Every movie except for Cars 2, which I haven't seen and don't plan on making time to see. Pixar (and Disney) need to know that I'm not going to pay to see Larry The Cable Guy be a talking car and try to get cheap laughs.
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    Easily Toy Story, one of the best movie series ever, period.

    The 3rd one is my favorite.

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    Damn it I limited myself to only three but I do love them all, except cars, it really annoys me for some reason.

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    none. i am not a fan of animated movies in any way, shape or form :/
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