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    When did you move out?

    I am currently 18 now and in my last year of highschool. I'm going to college for 2 years to get a certificate to become a linesmen.(dealing with powerlines)
    My plan right now is to go to college for 2 years and get a job and work for 1 year before I move out to have a 1 years pay under my belt. I dont plan to become a home-owner I plan on moving into an apartment to start out then make some money and then buy a house.

    I'm just wondering when did you move out? I know times have changed and back in the day you were probably out of the house at my age right now.

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    I moved out when I was 22, during grad school. As long as you've got a good plan for the future, you shouldn't really feel bad about living at home in your early twenties.

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    When I was 15.

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    I dropped out of uni after my second year at 19... Got my own place in Chicago (moved from Kansas), worked for two years, then went back to finish my degree (25 now).

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    18, went back for about 7 months at 22, now leaving again at 23.

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    Finished college at 21, found a job and moved out.
    I didn't save anything, and I didn't need anything but a tiny studio apartment.
    Few years later got married, and moved to a one-bedroom.
    When wife got pregnant, got a house.

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    I'm 23, I'll be 24 in a few months, and I still live at home. I don't plan on changing that status unless I'm on the verge of getting married. I have a good home life here, and in almost every way it's more convenient for me than it would be if I decided to move out. Like most teenagers, around 17 or 18 I was wanting to move out whenever I could just for pride's sake, but I've long since gotten over that.

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    I don't remember the exact year.... but I moved out in 2004 or 2005. Moved interstate met a bloke, moved in with him stayed for a couple of years, we broke up so moved out and got my own place. Got a house mate, fell for him and we started dating. He was extremely messy but his mess was contained to his bedroom. The rest of the house was kept tidy. I had boxes in my bedroom due to not enough room to unpack everything.... Real estate woman was a bitch and threw a tantrum (was only mess like clothes, books, CDs on the floor. Not rotting food half eaten food or dirty dishes anything revolting like that) she evicted us just before xmas (thanks bitch) and nothing we could do would convince her otherwise.

    Due to the city we were living in finding another rental place was impossible as there is far too much competition and it wasn't a case of best references wins the property it was a case of whoever can pay the most wins which we couldn't do... so we ended up living in a caravan park. Bloke 2 and I broke up. I had no desire to stay living in a caravan park so I moved interstate again and moved back in with my parents. Have been living with them again ever since. Will eventually move out when I get a job and buy my own house... but at the moment i've gone back to studying so that won't happen in the near future

    Edit: I should add i'm 28 now
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    High School + Full time job just made College + 2 jobs easier to deal with.

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    I was 21 at the time.

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    Moved out when I was 17 to go to university. I think if I had the opportunity to stay at home, I would've to save money, but it was a life changing experience and made me grow up real quick. I don't see why anyone who has been working for a few years, and have the savings to move out of home, would not move out.

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    22 years old, This year.

    I was booted from home, didn't move...

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    When I was 15.
    But as Spectral said, if you have a set goal and are working towards it, then don't feel bad. Now if you were just going to mooch and maybe do something someday to possibly go out on your own, then you should feel bad. P

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    Hopefully within six months.
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    When my mom died and I had no choice, I was 19.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Archangel Tyrael View Post
    22 years old, This year.

    I was booted from home, didn't move...
    Tough love is tough. It's common practise here to move out when you're 17/18, so be happy you made it to 22 leeching off your parents :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Randie View Post
    Tough love is tough. It's common practise here to move out when you're 17/18, so be happy you made it to 22 leeching off your parents :P
    Leeching? Not really, I worked and paid for my things, even helped around with some bills of our home (and this is considering my mother and father are... wealthy, to say so.)

    But, all of a sudden, my father comes in, saying that I'm too old to be living with them and that I need more responsibilities, then proceeds to tell me that I can stay in their house, but I'd have to pay the equivalent of a full rent, plus get a better job/attend university as soon as possible.

    So yeah... I was ''forced'' to move. I'm happy though, living with 2 friends atm and it has been a lot of fun... but sometimes it is hard ;/

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    Moved out when I was 24 (2006, turned 25 a couple months later), lost my job in late 2007 (26 years old). Parents moved in with me early 2008 a couple months before my 27th birthday. They have been living with me since, paying the mortgage and such, while I rot away trying to find employment that doesn't exist in this little shithole of a town. I am really close to asking them for a couple hundred bucks and then walking out west somewhere, but my dogs have kept me from doing that (I can't stand to be away from them and they hate when I am gone as well).

    Some would call me a mooch, and they would be 1/2 right. I help around the house, with my "pay" being them paying all the bills. I hate it, but it is damn near impossible for me to find a job, especially since I have been unemployed since June 2009 (almost 3 years), and just about no one will hire a dude with nearly 3 years of continuous unemployment.

    Sometimes I wish I was a girl so I could have an easier time obtaining employment in this little shithole town.

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    19 at the moment. Trying to find a job so i can start saving up so I can move out. Not having a car kinda makes job hunting hard.

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    20, still live at home :\ would love to move out, but average rent here for a 1bed flat is more than what i actually get paid, until i can find a better job i will be staying here :\ i dont really leach here though, my mum wont take rent off me, i offer it but she wont let me pay rent, but i help out with bills instead, occasionally i buy the food shopping, pay the gas, electric etc. i am hoping to go to uni in 2years when i am 22, so will have to move out temporarily then.
    edit: i am often looking at flats/apartments in my area and other parts of the country, woul like to move nearer to London, but rent is so bloody high in that area! where i live now rent is a bit lower, but wages are a lot lower :\
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